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The UN Climate Treaty’s Chief, Patricia Espinosa, is scheduled to meet with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tomorrow. When asked whether she was worried President Trump would take action against the program, UN Chief Espinosa replied, The transformation has started. I think it's unstoppable.”

As you know, Obama and the UN deliberately drafted the treaty to be able to bypass Congress. Just days before he left office, Barack Obama raided the Treasury and gave away an additional $500 million to help fund the treaty.

Now, the UN believes that they hold all the cards. They think that We the People are powerless to stop it.

It is time to prove them wrong.

Our goal is to send at least 200,000 faxes to Congress today demanding they claw back the money Obama unconstitutionally gave to the UN Climate Treaty. Join the fight now!

We are already seeing the Trump administration take an axe to some of Obama’s worst anti-jobs climate executive orders.

We all want clean air and clean water. But the UN Climate Treaty doesn’t accomplish any of that. It punishes countries like the United States and gives billions of dollars to invest in industries in countries like China and India.

So when Barack Obama gave away a total of $1 billion to the UN, that money was diverted to help countries the literally are stealing jobs from the American people.

Barack Obama never submitted this treaty to Congress. The US Senate never ratified it.

Yet, the former-President felt he had the authority to sign it and fund it anyway.

It is up to Congress to repeal it. It is up to Congress to reassert its authority to ratify international treaties.

We have an opportunity, right now, to strike a deathblow against the globalist interests at the UN. We have a chance to begin to claw back our sovereignty that Barack Obama unconstitutionally gave away.

There are some steps that Pres. Trump can take himself, and news reports out today suggest that he is moving toward that. But in order for Obama’s actions to truly be undone… in order for the UN Climate Treaty to be destroyed and the money clawed back… it is going to take an act of Congress!

Rise up and demand action! Send your urgent message to Congress now and FORCE them to claw back the money Obama unconstitutionally gave to the UN Climate Treaty!

It is time to take the fight to them. There is bipartisan support in Congress to axe this horrible UN treaty.

Since Barack Obama signed the treaty without ever submitting it to Congress for ratification, Congress has every right to claw that money back.

Without the $1 billion that Obama gave away, the UN treaty would crumble like a house of cards.

The arrogance at the UN is astonishing. They truly believe that their radical efforts are "unstoppable."

Do you know what I say? Challenge accepted.

Send your FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND that they topple this unconstitutionally funded UN climate treaty!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily