Fellow Conservative,

Obama is taking a final shot at forcing gun control onto the American people, specifically law enforcement. He is trying to force law enforcement agencies to commit to “smart gun” technology before he leaves office.

The Justice Department just issued its final regulation on the issue.

This is how the regulation works. The Obama administration wants law enforcement agencies to commit to purchasing a certain amount of smart guns for its officers.

Smart guns are firearms with technology built in to only allow the owner to fire the gun. Smart guns use finger print readers or other tech to verify a shooter’s identity before allowing them to pull the trigger.

Here’s the problem: batteries die, hands get sweaty and fingerprints become unreadable, and the technology is prone to hacking.

Over the past year, at least 61 police officers were killed by gunfire. Thirteen of those were in November.

Instead of supporting these police officers, Obama is ramming through an executive order that will make it even harder for them to defend themselves!

Stop Obama’s anti-gun executive order from going into effect! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they put an end to this newly announced "smart gun" regulation!

There is no such thing as a “smart gun.” Anyone who trusts their life to this piece of unproven technology is an idiot.

As it is, guns are already prone to mechanical failure. Think about all the times in your life that your computer has crashed. Imagine if you were in a life or death situation and your firearm “crashed” or had to restart for an “update.”

The Obama administration’s goal is simple: If they can force law enforcement agencies to invest in smart gun technology, it will be easier to force the technology onto the American public.

The state of New Jersey, for example, already has a law on the books that says whenever a smart gun is offered for sale anywhere in the country, then NJ gun retailers are only allowed to sell smart guns. Other states like New York and California are considering implementing smart gun legislation of their own.

If this technology is put onto the market, entire state populations will have their second amendment rights violated. Others will be forced to retrofit their firearms with the temperamental tech.

What Obama can accomplish over the next 53 days is limited, but this is one of the regulations he can force onto the country to push the Left’s gun control agenda.

People will die if this regulation goes through. Not only will law enforcement be turned into guinea pigs for this unproven, dangerous technology, but the American people will have their self-defense options severely limited.

We cannot allow this regulation to go through. YOU cannot allow this regulation to go through!

No smart guns! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they dismantle this new anti-gun regulation!

As I said, we only have 53 days left until Barack Obama becomes but a memory. But the potential for irreparable damage over these next 53 days is still very real.

If this regulation goes through, not only will police be put in danger, but millions of Americans will lose the ability to buy firearms without smart gun technology.

Don’t let Obama get away with this!

No more anti-gun regulations! You need to FaxBlast Congress and FORCE them to overturn the DOJ’s new smart gun regulations!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily