For the past few years, the United Nations has renewed its push for new gun control on a global level.

Most recently, the international community has begun adopting the UN Arms Trade Treaty which seeks to regulate interstate arms transfers and forces countries to monitor what guns are being bought and sold in their country.

As far as the United States is concerned, the treaty is completely unconstitutional and a violation of Americans’ Second Amendment rights. Even a Democratic Senate failed to gain simple majority on a test vote asking whether the U.S. should ratify the treaty.

That didn’t stop President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry from signing the treaty anyway!

Now, another part of the United Nations’ gun control push has begun. Last week, the U.N. Programme for Action met in New York to discuss new ways to control the international sale of weapons and to stop ordinary citizens from being able to arm themselves!

You didn’t hear about this meeting in the news because the U.N. has learned its lesson. It knows that brave patriots will always be there to oppose its gun control efforts. So now, it has arms control meetings in the United States without making a big deal about it!

Barack Obama has already illegally signed the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty! We must make sure that Congress does not allow any of these United Nations initiatives to become U.S. law!

Tell Congress to STOP Obama’s push to implement the United Nations’ Gun Control Agenda!

The United Nations Program for Action meets biennially to discuss new ways to curb the arms trade and to limit everyday-civilians’ access to firearms.

Like the Arms Trade Treaty, this is being done under the guise of preventing crimes and atrocities. There is no doubt that there are areas of the world that are plagued by this type of violence. However, to blame the gun would be a mistake. Just as domestic crimes are the products of deranged and evil individuals, the same is true at the international level.

To place the blame squarely on firearms would be to ignore the unfortunate truth that in cases like the Rwandan Genocide, the weapon of choice for the genocidaires (the ones committing the genocide) is a machete.

The conflict in Rwanda was the result of decades of tension between the country’s ethnic groups finally boiling over. Gun control wouldn’t have done a damn thing to stop it.

Criminal and despotic elements in the world will always be able to access firearms and ammunition.  They will either develop their own domestic manufacturing or continue to illegally buy and sell guns on the market. The only thing that this type of gun ban does is allow the bad guys to have a monopoly of force!

Look at what is going on in Nigeria. Islamist rebels have begun raiding towns and schools and capturing young girls to sell into sex slavery. They claim that they are doing this according to God’s will, but they have the same business model as the African slave traders who came before them.

Some say that the Nigerian government is complicit in this, but one thing for certain is that the government doesn’t have the resources or the resolve to protect its own people. So what have these Nigerian villagers done? They have begun to arm themselves and fight back against the rebels trying to tear their community apart.

I know that this is happening half a world away, and you are probably asking what some Nigerian villagers have to do with American policy. The answer is that what is happening in Nigeria will never happen in the United States. It couldn’t possibly happen. Not because we are a first world country… not because we have a relatively-stable economy… but because Americans are armed and willing to use those arms to defend themselves, their families, and their communities.

Like every gun control movement, the U.N. Program for Action isn’t about stopping criminals from arming themselves. The only thing that these programs do is make it harder for average citizens to be able to defend themselves!

Make no mistake: the United Nations’ goal is a world where governments hold a monopoly when it comes to force. The U.N.’s goal is a world where situations like what is going on in Nigeria are everyday occurrences and the people lack any ability to fight back!

Obama has already pledged to help implement the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty illegally, even though Congress refused to ratify it. The President knows that he can’t push gun control through on Capitol Hill, so he is going to ram it through the United Nations!

The Constitution is clear on this. In order for international treaties or agreements to become the law of the land, the United States Senate must approve the measure with a super majority. Even with Democrats in control of the Senate, there aren’t that many of your legislators who are willing to sign away your constitutional rights… at least not publicly.

But Barack Hussein Obama, that is a different story. Obama, Kerry, and Eric Holder have all proven their willingness to make international gun laws the laws of the land. They must be stopped!

The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Not at the state level… not at the federal level… and definitely NOT at the global level!

The next push is coming and Barack Obama has promised to help implement this global anti-gun program. It is up to YOU to force your Congressmen and Senators to shoot this un-American and unconstitutional program down before this administration is able to implement it!

Make no mistake… this is coming. The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty is just the beginning and with Obama’s pledge to assist in its implementation, we cannot afford to fight this tyranny on defense! We must make sure that Congress nips this in the bud and never allows this program to see the light of day!

Tell Congress to STOP Obama’s push to implement the United Nations’ Gun Control Agenda!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily