Fellow Conservative,

We have a lot of fixing to do. A lot of Obama actions that need to be undone.

A number of innocent military men and women who were railroaded and thrown behind bars. 1st Lieutenant Clint Lorance is one of them. President Trump has made it known that he is considering pardoning one particular American soldier.

Lorance received word one day that he was going to be taking over leading a platoon. The previous platoon leader was injured in a bomb blast, so Lorance needed to step-up.

Just three days in, Lt. Lorance had to make a split-second decision.

There was a motorcycle barreling towards them. Three Afghan men were riding on the motorcycle.

The soldiers told the Afghans to stop. They ordered them to stop. The motorcyclist didn’t listen. Lorance made the difficult decision to order his men to engage.

Two Afghans were killed and the third fled on foot.

Now he is sitting behind bars in Leavenworth for ordering his men to defend themselves.

It’s shameful.

Help free this American soldier! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they work to free Lt. Clint Lorance!

The prosecutor argued that because the Afghans were unarmed, there was no justification to engage.

But the prosecutors also withheld a crucial piece of evidence at trial: forensics proved that the two "victims" were actually bomb-makers. Their fingerprints were discovered on roadside bombs in the area.

That’s an important piece of information, but it was specifically withheld at trial.

Now, Lorance is serving a 19-year sentence. For ordering his men to engage what he believed to be a threat.

The only reason he was put in charge was because the platoon’s former leader was injured days prior in a bomb blast.

I will never know what it is like to be in charge of a platoon in a warzone. But I know enough to oppose an American soldier going away for 19 years for allowing his men to protect themselves.

Especially if the “victims” were later linked to building roadside bombs in the area.

President Trump was asked point-blank whether he was considering pardoning Lt. Lorance. He responded that this was one of the cases the White House was looking at.

We tried like crazy to get Lt. Lorance freed when Obama was in charge. We sent over a million faxes to Congress urging that they get involved. When they finally pressured the Pentagon to review the case, the Pentagon upheld the conviction and cut off just one year of his sentence for procedural delays.

Now that President Trump is actually considering a pardon, it is time to get loud once again!

Demand justice! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to work to free Lt. Clint Lorance!

We will never stop fighting for our men and women in uniform.

They answered the call to protect us in a volunteer military.

It is only fitting that we answer the call now to defend this young man.

Free Clint Lorance! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and demand they push to release this American soldier!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily