Fellow Conservative,

We have less than two weeks. That is how long until Obama binds the United States to another UN Treaty that Congress explicitly refused to ratify.

September 10th will be the 20-year anniversary of the UN General Assembly adopting the nuclear test ban treaty. Bill Clinton originally signed the treaty but when he put it to a vote in Congress in 1999, the Senate refused to ratify it.

The Constitution requires a 2/3 vote in the Senate to ratify international treaties. Only 48 Senators voted in favor of ratifying the treaty. They came up 18-votes short. The vote wasn’t even close.

Now, Obama is planning on binding the United States to this treaty anyway, in complete defiance of the constitution and the will of Congress. His trip to the UN is already scheduled to coincide with this anniversary. The White House has admitted this is what he is doing.

Now it all comes down to whether the brave patriots in this country are willing to stop him!

The date has already been set! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and demand that they STOP Obama from surrendering our Sovereignty to the UN on his next visit!

Barack Obama firmly believes that he, and he alone, has the power to decide if the United States can ever again test a nuclear weapon. He is literally throwing Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution out the window.

Now, whether you believe that we should be testing ‘nukes’ really isn’t the issue here. Everyone can agree the world is a much better place when thermo-nuclear explosions aren’t going off in the atmosphere. But that’s not really the issue at play here.

The issue is whether the President alone should have the authority to bind the United States to an international treaty without Congressional approval. That is what is at stake.

He does not.

The minute this becomes about the merits of the treaty, then we will have accepted that ‘ends justify the means’ is enough to violate the Constitution.

If the treaty has merits, then Obama should put it to another ratification vote. But that’s not what he’s doing. He is pushing a resolution through the UN Security Council to surrender our sovereignty and voluntarily implement the treaty.

A lame-duck President with less than a half a year left in office cannot not be allowed to bypass Congress and use an international treaty to bind US policy for generations to come!

According to the constitution, we shouldn’t even be having this conversation. Only Congress can ratify an international treaty.

But once again, Barack “Ends Justify the Means” Obama has found a loophole.

By passing a Security Council Resolution, Obama believes he can bind the United States to this international treaty without Congressional approval.

This is happening in just a few days. It is up to you – it is up to all of us – to STOP Obama from surrendering our sovereignty!

Obama is willing to surrender our country’s sovereignty to cement his agenda! Send your FaxBlast now and DEMAND that Congress stop the President from binding us to the UN Test Ban Treaty!

If you won't stop him, who will?


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily