Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it.

The history of liberty is a history of resistance. - Woodrow Wilson

Dear Concerned American,

YOU ARE BEING WATCHED. Over the past year, Conservative Daily documented actions taken by the Obama administration and Members of Congress that weakened our Fourth Amendment rights.

The information Edward Snowden revealed is just the tip of the iceberg. The United States government and law enforcement agencies across the country have been keeping tabs on you for a very long time and in a variety of ways.

Where you drive, where you park, who you call, email and

what kind of financial transactions you make - all of this and more is

now the property of the United States government.

It is time to put Congress on alert and vote in candidates who believe in our Constitution and are willing to abide by its principles. It does not matter if they are Democrat, Republican or Independent. Our country is at stake more than ever before. Those in public office need to be reminded that We the People are WATCHING THEM.

Demand Fourth Amendment Protection…TELL Congress to stop

dragnet surveillance on innocent Americans!

How are they tracking you?

Through your banking habits … Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY) warned that the bill creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is just a cover for intense surveillance on Americans and their banking information. “This bill (creating the CFPB) was supposed to be about regulating Wall Street. Instead, it's creating a Google Earth on every financial transaction. That's right: the government will be able to see every detail of your finances. Your permission - not needed. "They can look right down to the tiny details of the time and place where you pulled cash out of an ATM.”

Through your phone records … The Justice Department is pushing for Internet providers to store data about its customers, and they want our text messages. Your text messages are stored for certain periods of time depending on your provider; it could be days, weeks, months, or years—or they may not be stored at all.  But the DOJ and police departments want real-time, on-demand access to this information, regardless of whether you are suspected of criminal activity. They say it makes their jobs “easier.” We say it is un-American and unconstitutional.

Through your every movement … Law enforcement agencies throughout the United States are using automated scanners to track license plates, and some states are currently keeping data on tens of millions of vehicles over several years. They defend this practice by saying if you aren’t doing anything illegal, you shouldn’t worry about it. And Lt. Bill Hedgpeth, a spokesman for the Mesquite, Texas Police Department, put a new spin on it. He says “There’s no expectation of privacy” for a vehicle. “It’s just a vehicle. It’s just a license plate.” But, when was the last time your vehicle took off without you in it?

Through your computer files … The Department of Justice argues that they have the right to read your emails that are more than 180 days old without a warrant. The Washington Post pointed out how ridiculous this was, writing, "If you left a letter on your desk for 180 days, you wouldn’t imagine that the police could then swoop in and read it without your permission, or a judge’s."

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We are watching the systemic destruction of our freedoms by the U.S. government and the quiet militarization of America. Drones have taken to the skies. Facial recognition technology is becoming more prevalent. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), gives government the right to indefinitely detain any American citizen without charge or due process. The Department of Homeland Security is purchasing millions of rounds of hollow-point bullets, riot gear, and security checkpoints, without explanation.

Government and law enforcement are becoming more powerful as We the People are losing more and more of our rights and privileges. We disagree that healthcare, illegal immigration and gay marriage are our most critical issues. The biggest issue of our time is the loss of every Constitutional freedom we have ever known.

The writer William Faulkner noted that, “We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.” Let us not only practice it; let us DEMAND it.

You know they are watching you. Who knows how they might use this information against you? Please join us in Faxing Congress now to tell them to uphold our Fourth Amendment rights.

Demand Fourth Amendment Protection…FAX Congress and tell them to stop dragnet surveillance on innocent Americans!


Tony Adkins

Conservative Daily