Dear Conservative,

Imagine you are driving down the street when you see a man in front of you pull out a gun and begin firing indiscriminately into a crowd of people.

What do you do? Do you drive away and save yourself? Or do you pull out a concealed weapon and protect yourself and others from this deranged killer?

In Chicago this past weekend, one cab driver chose the latter.

Just this past weekend, five people were murdered in Chicago and another 22 people were shot and injured. Everardo Custodio did his best to add to that tally. The 22-year old Custodio opened fire on a group of people late Friday night on a busy Chicago street.

However, a brave 47-year old cab driver – licensed to carry a concealed weapon in the State of Illinois – was able to draw his weapon and fire on the gunman, using six shots to stop his killing spree.

The City of Chicago and the State of Illinois fought hard in court to stop law-abiding citizens from carrying firearms for self-defense. But they ultimately lost. The Courts forced Illinois to craft a shall-issue concealed carry law, meaning the state MUST approve qualified CCW applications.

But do you know what is shameful? If you were an out of state resident and happened to be driving through Chicago last Friday night during this shooting, you would have been thrown in jail for using a firearm to protect yourself and others.

Illinois, like so many other liberal states, does not honor out of state concealed weapons permits. This is unconstitutional!

The Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2015 has stalled in Congress. You need to raise your voice and DEMAND that it be put to a vote!

The Second Amendment applies nationwide! Force Congress to vote on concealed carry reciprocity now!

Liberals look at this issue and claim we want to go back to the Wild West where everyone carried guns. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The only people who should carry guns are those who feel comfortable doing so and are legally allowed to.

But the truth is that in many parts of the country, the Wild West is the reality. Everardo Custodio broke dozens of laws when he acquired, carried, and then indiscriminately fired his gun. No gun control was able to stop this criminal.

It was only the armed cab driver – who has preferred to remain nameless – who prevented gross loss of life.

Shouldn’t we make it so that concealed weapons permits are valid nationwide? Criminals don’t go through the background checks and the training before they go on crime sprees. They’ll carry their weapons anyway.

But this country’s patchwork system of gun laws only serves to disarm the law-abiding citizens.

Last year, I moved out of the People’s Republik of New Jersey and went west. I have a valid Utah concealed weapons permit. As I drove west, I kept a loaded gun at my side, just in case. I never had to use it, but I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it…

Well, as I approached the Illinois border, I had to pull into a rest stop and disarm. I had to unload my pistol and lock it up in a case in the trunk of my car.

I was trained and competent, but Illinois forced me to disarm because they don’t honor out-of-state permits.

This happens every day, all across the country. Americans traveling across state lines are ensnared by radical gun laws and forced to choose between risking prison or risking injury/death. Far too often, trained and qualified gun owners are victimized because they’re forced to disarm, leading many to adopt the phrase, “I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six.”

Americans shouldn’t have to make this choice. Licensed concealed weapon permit holders must be given reciprocity.

Liberal states refuse to honor the Second Amendment, so it is time for Congress to intervene!

No more infringement! Tell Congress to pass CCW reciprocity before more innocent Americans are arrested!

Sen. John Cornyn's Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act would essentially treat CCW permits like drivers licenses and force all states to accept them. (Note: this link directs to last year's version of the bill. The 2015 version is identical)

It's common sense. If you're allowed to bear arms, then that right applies nationwide, not just within your own state. States like Illinois, New York, New Jersey, and California cannot be allowed to violate this sacred right.

Today, for the first time in decades, the Pew polling shows that the majority of Americans value gun rights over gun control.

Even better is the fact that 63% of Americans believe that a gun in the house makes it safer. Look at it this way: in the year 2000, only 30% 0f Americans believed a gun in the home made it safer.

It is time to act. It is time to protect the rights of ALL qualified Americans to carry concealed weapons for self-defense.

Stories like what happened in Chicago this past weekend happen far too often in this country. If you are licensed or qualified to carry a weapon, then that is your right not just in your home state, but in every state!

The Second Amendment applies nationwide! Force Congress to vote on concealed carry reciprocity now


Max McGuire

Conservative Daily