Fellow Conservative,

For months, we have been receiving reports that ISIS fighters have begun collaborating with Mexican cartels and training along the US-Mexico border.

Earlier reports have suggested that an attack was imminent.

Every time something like this is leaked, the Federal government categorically denies the findings. The same is true for the most recent allegations that ISIS is operating a camp just a few miles away from the border.

But while government officials discredit these reports, the FBI has gathered all of its area border assets to figure out who is leaking this information to the press. Fact.

This is where Obama’s open border policy can really bite us!

Obama’s open border policy is putting us all in danger! Demand that Congress close the southern border once and for all!

So let’s review:

-       We have government officials who are warning news outlets that an attack is imminent.

-       We have leaked documents proving that terrorist chatter is up, especially concerning the US Border and Fort Bliss.

-       We have allegations that ISIS – with the help of the Cartels – is operating a training base just miles away from the border.   

And what is the administration doing? Instead of bolstering border security, Border Patrol agents are now allowed to skip patrols at certain border crossings deemed to be “too dangerous.” No, that’s not a joke. They are afraid of creating an “international incident” and some border agents are allowed to avoid entire areas of the border.

Think about that… There are wide stretches of land that border patrol agents actively avoid because they are officially deemed to be too dangerous to patrol…

Ranch owners have set up hundreds of cameras along the border and the results are shocking. Streams of illegal aliens are entering this country non-stop, and very few are being apprehended. What is even worse is that many of these illegals are carrying firearms right across the border.

Here are pictures taken by these motion-detector cameras.

Now, these men are suspected to be working for the cartels and helping smuggle weapons and drugs into the country. That's right, these guns were brought into the US from Mexico, not the other way around. But stop for a minute and imagine if these were terrorists…

We know the terrorists are working and training alongside the cartels. It is only a matter of time before we see terrorists crossing the border. That is, unless it has already happened.

The government can deny these reports all it wants. That hasn’t stopped these federal employees from blowing the whistle and warning the American people about this.

Now that you know, you have a duty to act. This administration’s open-border policy is reckless and putting you and every other American in danger.

Congress has said for months that it plans to deal with border security. But Democrats have held this up demanding that complete amnesty be given first. The Left's campaign to import illegal aliens and keep the border open is literally putting us all in danger. It is time to FORCE Congress to close the border once and for all and that starts with you!

Enough is enough! Tell Congress to end the administration’s ISIS/Cartel cover-up and secure the border once and for all!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily