Fellow Conservative,

Yesterday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz made good on a promise: he formally introduced a Constitutional amendment to implement term limits in Congress.

Not surprisingly, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised that the amendment is dead on arrival. Spoken like only someone who has been in the Senate for 32 years possibly could…

The amendment is simple. Senators would be limited to two 6-year terms and Congressmen would be limited to three 2-year terms.

Harry Reid just retired this month. He had been in the United States Senate for 30 years. He should have been kicked out a long time ago.

Ted Cruz did his part. He introduced the amendment in the United States Senate. Now it is up to YOU to force a vote!

We’re sending Congress another quarter million faxes today. Join the Movement! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they support the Drain the Swamp amendment!

Donald Trump ran on a campaign promise to “Drain the Swamp.” One of his proposals was instituting term limits in Congress.

We can debate about how long we think those limits should be, but right now Senator Mitch McConnell is refusing to even let Congress debate it.

In his mind, there is nothing wrong with him or Harry Reid being in office for more than three decades. That is the way he wants Congress to work.

What new ideas could someone possibly have after 30 years?

People don’t run for re-election 5 times in order to serve their constituents. They do so in order to serve themselves.

That is what Ted Cruz’s amendment is all about: restoring the United States Congress to a service model, not one centered on personal-enrichment.

Mitch McConnell is blocking this amendment from moving forward. But if you join us in bombarding Congress with a quarter million faxes today, we can force him to schedule a debate!

In December, we sent over 260,000 FaxBlasts to Congress demanding that they pass term limits. Our goal today is to bombard Congress with another 250k faxes and get that number up over a half a million!

But we need your help!

Term limits now! Join the movement and help us bombard Congress with FaxBlasts demanding they schedule Ted Cruz’s Drain the Swamp term limits amendment for a vote!

We now have our bill, not just to enshrine term limits into law, but to amend the Constitution.

This is within our grasp. Those Congressmen and Senators who have made a fortune off of their "service," like Mitch McConnell, will fight us tooth and nail to hold onto their power.

They will fail. It is up to us to make sure they fail.

We are closer than ever to dismantling Washington DC's permanent political class...

Send your FaxBlast to Congress now and DEMAND they support the Drain the Swamp amendment and remove anyone from GOP leadership who stands in their way!

This is our moment,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily