Fellow Conservative,

Barack Obama’s responses to terror attacks are so predictable, they are actually pathetic.

A registered Democrat and Radical Islamist starts killing people and the first thing out of Obama’s mouth is to blame Conservatives, the NRA, and gun owners.

Here we had a man pledge allegiance to ISIS and its leader, al-Baghdadi, just before killing people, and the only suggestion the White House can muster is to regulate what I’m allowed to put in my gun safe?

ISIS executes gay men on a weekly basis. Lately, they’ve resorted to throwing them off buildings and having local children then stone them to death when they hit the ground. We won’t link to those videos because they’re gruesome, but they are out there on the internet.

Instead of going after Radical Islamism, Obama and the Democrats are once again pushing for a nationwide gun ban.

We have to stop this right now!

Obama and the Democrats are blaming YOU for the Orlando terror attack! Quick, tell Congress to STOP any and all attempts to implement Obama’s radical gun control agenda!

I had to turn off Obama’s speech yesterday. He made no mention of Islamic terrorism and, instead, dropped this on us:

“This massacre is therefore a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people in a school, or in a house of worship, or a movie theater, or in a nightclub.”

No, this massacre is a reminder that President Barack Hussein Obama has done absolutely nothing to protect us from radical Islamic terrorism.

There is nothing a terrorist could do to make him rethink his push for open borders and no-questions-asked refugee policies because in his heart of hearts, he truly blames American gun owners for this carnage.

Here’s the truth: Omar Mateen worked for a government contractor as a security specialist. This is the same company that was recently hired to implement Obama’s catch-and-release policy and transport illegal aliens from the border to American cities of their choice. But I digress…

Omar Mateen had no criminal record. He was never charged or convicted of any crimes. Not only did he pass a background check to purchase the firearms, but he also passed numerous, high-level background checks in order to become a government security contractor. At his work, he had access to weaponry that is much more powerful. I haven't heard anyone talking about the fact that an ISIS terrorist infiltrated and became a government contractor...

Yet despite all of these truths, the Left continues to blame American gun owners. They say that if only they could regulate what is inside our gun safes, then terrorists would stop trying to kill us.

Yesterday, a reporter asked White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest whether the President really believes that terrorists will stop plotting their attacks if new gun control laws are passed.

“Yes,” Earnest responded, “The president believes that passing common sense gun laws that make it harder for people with bad intentions to get guns, makes the country safer.”

The reporter followed-up: “But so the president thinks that when there are potentially two terrorists sitting around planning a mass murder they may call it off because President Obama has put in place common-sense gun laws?”

“Why wouldn’t we make it harder for them? What’s the explanation for that?” replied Earnest.

It doesn’t get stupider than that…

Obama won’t blame radical Islam. Instead, he’s going after American gun owners! Please, FaxBlast Congress and STOP them from moving forward with this radical, anti-gun agenda!

Everywhere you look, there are Democrats pushing for a new so-called “assault weapons” bans and handgun bans.

The most ridiculous part is that the same people who think it is impossible to round up and deport 11-million illegal aliens somehow think it is feasible to confiscate 300+ million firearms from 100+ million Americans.

That’s liberal logic for you...

It’s not enough just to keep your head down and wait for this to blow over. With the 9th Circuit Courts recent anti-gun ruling, the White House and Democrat Party have all the momentum behind them.

Senate Democrats are holding a press conference TODAY detailing their plans to force a vote on their gun control agenda. This is happening.

They are committed to banning these weapons before the election and YOU must commit yourself to doing everything in your power to stop them!

We don't get to pick our battles. But when the Left starts attacking the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we each have a duty, as patriots, to stand and fight.

This is one of those moments!

The Left is blaming YOU for the Orlando terror attack! Please, take the time to force Congress to defend your right to keep and bear arms, or else!

Your brother in arms,

Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily