Fellow Conservative,

You were duped. You were swindled. You were promised the world by politicians who knew they were nothing but empty promises.

By now, we’ve all heard the sound bytes. Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obamacare, has absolutely eviscerated Obama and other Democrats in recent days. If you haven’t been following Gruber-Gate, you can catch up on all of it here.

Gruber’s candid speeches have pulled back the curtain on the legislative process and proved to us what we knew all along: Liberals believe Americans are stupid.

The crux of the message is clear. ‘If YOU weren’t so stupid, Obamacare never would have passed.’

We have known for a while that Democrats built Obamacare on a foundation of lies.

“If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance...”

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor...”

“Obamacare will save families $2500…”

But it is even worse than that.

Obamacare must be repealed and replaced with a system that allows the uninsured to get insurance without punishing healthier Americans!

Demand that Congress take back Jonathan Gruber’s salary and repeal Obamacare once and for all!

Gruber makes it clear. If the Affordable Care Act was sold as taking money from healthy people to help sick people, it never would have passed. So, he worked tirelessly behind the scenes to mask the bill so that it would not be perceived as a tax.

But what makes it so bad isn’t that Gruber and the Democrats deceived us in 2010. We all knew that already and this is reflected in the fact that approval of the Affordable Care Act has dropped to an all-time low, 37%.

What’s absolutely amazing is how the Democrats are trying to rewrite history and discredit Gruber.

Nancy Pelosi claims she has no idea who Gruber is. Except when she was selling the healthcare law in 2009-10, she was praising Jonathan Gruber’s contributions.

Harry Reid also claimed ignorance, but he too was praising Gruber from the Senate floor four years ago.

President Barack Obama, seeming flustered by the question on his tour of Asia, responded that Jonathan Gruber was not a member of his staff. But unearthed videos show then-Senator Obama bragging about liberally stealing Gruber’s ideas.

Then there’s still the fact that Gruber was paid $6 million to consult and draft the law at different levels.

Democrats are proving that Gruber was absolutely correct: Not only did they think the American voters were stupid back then… but they believe Americans are still too stupid to see past their lies.

The American people were sold lies and the result has been the complete restructuring and redistribution of wealth in America.

We need to demand two things:

  1. Congress must take back every cent that Jonathan Gruber “earned.”
  2. We must demand that Congress repeal Obamacare and replace it with a scheme that does not punish the American people.

There are lots of options out there. Give the uninsurable access to Medicare is one option.

The point is that the Affordable Care Act is unsustainable. I don’t care if millions of people now have access to health insurance. Millions of other Americans have been kicked off their plans and priced out of the marketplace.

Every piece of legislation has ‘winners’ and ‘losers.’ The Democrats are hoping that when all is said and done, Obamacare will have more winners than losers.

But the fact is that we are all losers. We have been lied to and forced to live within a system that none of us want and that none of us can afford, all because the ruling class would rather lie that tell the truth.

Obamacare needs to be dismantled NOW!

Demand that Congress take back Jonathan Gruber’s salary and repeal Obamacare once and for all!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily