Dear Conservative,

While the Supreme Court tends to lean Conservative, many of its most recent rulings have been split down party/ideological lines. Most contentious cases end up with a 5-4 split, with Justice Kennedy usually providing the swing vote. It isn’t very often that the Court has a unanimous ruling and it is even less likely for a Court to rule unanimously against a sitting-President’s administration.

Then again, the Department of Justice is run by Eric Holder, so I guess anything is possible.

Just this week, the Supreme Court ruled against Holder and Obama 9-0 in the case Bond v. United States. I have covered this case in the past, early on when it was still in the trial phase. The U.S. government charged Carol Anne Bond with violating the 1998 U.N. Chemical Weapons Treaty after she launched an amateurish plan to poison her husband’s mistress. Mrs. Bond covered door knobs with chemicals hoping to kill the woman, but when all was said and done, the attempt did nothing but create a mild burning and itching sensation on her target’s hands.

The Obama administration defended the lower court’s decision to have Mrs. Bond convicted under International Law. Holder and the DOJ argued that using chemicals against an individual violates the Convention on Chemical Weapons. Since Mrs. Bond was convicted in a lower court, this marked the first time that U.N. law was applied to U.S. civilian crimes.

This is exactly what the Obama administration wants. The President wants us to live under international law. Even just yesterday, when Obama faced a firestorm over his most recent illegal prisoner transfer, he justified the transfer using the Geneva Convention, not the Constitution!

Tell Congress that the Constitution MUST be the law of the land, not International Treaties!

For the Supreme Court to rule 9-0 against the Obama’s globalist agenda is excellent, but Congress must ensure that no U.S. citizen is EVER subject to international prosecution for petty domestic crimes!

This case is soap-opera worthy, so let me flesh it out for you… Carol Anne Bond is a Pennsylvania microbiologist who, unfortunately, is sterile and cannot have children. In 2006, Carol learned that her best friend, Myrlinda Haynes, was pregnant by her husband, Clifford.

So, Bond did what any brooding microbiologist would do: she ordered a bunch of chemicals online and tried to kill her husband’s mistress by leaving the chemicals on door knobs, mailboxes, anything she believed that the other woman would touch.

Myrlinda Haynes suffered nothing but a burn and some redness on her fingers. Local prosecutors refused to touch the case. They couldn’t find a charge that would stick. But the Feds charged Carol Ann Bond with violating the 1998 Chemical Weapons Convention.

Mrs. Bond pleaded guilty while simultaneously retaining her right to appeal. Now, all these years later, the Supreme Court has finally ruled in her favor, slapping down the ridiculous arguments made by the Obama administration!

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote that if the Obama administration’s arguments were allowed to stand, their definition of “Chemical Weapons” would “sweep in everything from the detergent under the kitchen sink to the stain remover in the laundry room.” These aren’t chemical weapons… they are cleaning supplies!

If the Obama administration had succeeded, owning household cleaning supplies would have put you in the same class as war criminals like Saddam Hussein and Syrian Leader Bashar al-Assad! Not only is Obama trying to lump legal gun owners in with mass shooters, but now the DOJ was LITERALLY arguing that owning cleaning supplies was equivalent to stockpiling mustard gas…

But the Supreme Court, luckily, did not side with the administration. Unfortunately, it took so long for Carol Anne Bond’s case to reach the highest court that she has since served her sentence and has been reunited with her husband. While this ruling has broad implications moving forward, it does nothing to give back the years of her life lost because aggressive Federal prosecutors decided that U.N. laws should trump our own!

While the Supreme Court ruled that the government’s use of a Chemical Weapons Treaty to prosecute a jealous wife was completely ridiculous, it left open the question of whether international law can, philosophically and legally, trump the Constitution. While the Court agreed unanimously that Bond’s crimes didn’t warrant prosecution under the 1998 Chemical Weapons Treaty, six of the nine justices refused to comment on the Constitutionality of international law trumping the Constitution and being used to prosecute domestic crimes.

Justices Scalia, Alito, and Thomas wanted the Court to go further. They wanted the court to decide the constitutionality of Federal prosecutors charging individuals with international crimes. In their opinion, this is clearly ludicrous. But Chief Justice Roberts, known for skirting larger constitutional issues, refused to comment on that aspect of the case.

And with that, a common sense Supreme Court ruling has actually left the door open for U.S. citizens to still be charged with violating international law!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… This loophole in the Court’s decision poses the most dangerous threat to our Republic that we have seen in years. The idea that a zealous prosecutor could charge a U.S. citizen with violating an international treaty is beyond ridiculous.

This isn’t a hypothetical… Eric Holder’s Justice Department actually argued before the Supreme Court that international law can trump the Constitution! Now you’re starting to get an idea why Obama signed the U.N. Arms Treaty, even though he knew it wouldn’t pass through Congress…

We have enough laws to adequately prosecute criminals. There is absolutely no need to bring international law into the equation. Mass shooters don’t need to be charged with genocide, gun owners shouldn’t be charged with violating the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, and jealous wives definitely shouldn’t be charged with Chemical Weapons Treaty violations!

This is such common sense, that it shouldn’t even be up for debate. But it is!

We live in a country that is bound by the Constitution, not some international treaty. For a President to have his administration defend such an action is unconscionable. But that just goes to show that as far as Obama is concerned, international law trumps the Constitution!

This must be stopped!

Tell Congress that the Constitution MUST be the law of the land, not International Treaties!


Joe Otto