I was asked today what I thought of Edward Snowden.  Well, I will tell you.  I think Mr. Snowden gave up all the comforts of this country, a job making $180K a year and the opportunity to live peacefully for the rest of his life.  He willing gave this up because he has a conscious.  He gave it up so that he could expose the government for shredding the Constitution.  They now want to prosecute him for telling the truth about our government ignoring and violating the Constitution?

Tell Congress and the President To Leave Snowden Alone!

The leadership of this country is absolutely pathetic.  You want to know what I think?  I think the leadership in our Congress that made the recommendation that he be prosecuted should be impeached for allowing those in positions of power and authority in this country to violate our Constitution!  They should all go to jail because if we violated the constitution, we would.  We must resist this tyranny.  We must fight against oppression and we must get our heads out of the sand. 

Edward Snowden did what most do not have the courage to do.  He told the people of this country that our government was violating their Constitutional rights.  He is a hero and we should stand with him.  We should stand in front of him and we should rally around him.  Heads should roll in our government over this.  Where is the accountability?

Are you going to let them cover this up?  Are we going to let them do to Snowden what they have tried to do with Benghazi?  Or how about running guns to drug dealers in Mexico?  What they did with Obamacare?  Or even what they have done and are doing to your gun rights? 

This is an urgent alert. Fax Congress Now!

They call it a conspiracy theory.  Well, I think WE need to give it a new name.  Truth.  Looks to me like they are now flaunting their ability shred the Constitution in our face. 

Fax every single Member of Congress and tell them to stand for Truth, to stand with Edward Snowden, to leave him alone and uphold the Constitution of these great United States

Fax Congress Now!

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Joe Otto,

Conservative Daily