Dear Conservative,

The idea of “separation between church and state” has been so bastardized that it no longer means what the founding fathers intended.

When this ideal was developed at the time of the founding, it meant exactly what was written into the First Amendment of the United States Constitution:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,

Liberals love to look at this phrase and say, “Look! There can be no religious expression on Federal property!” In reality, this phrase simply means that Congress can’t establish an official religion. There cannot constitutionally be a government-sponsored Church of the United States. Unfortunately, over time, Liberals have perverted the First Amendment’s true meaning…

This has led to the introduction Orwellian “Thought Police” into our public schools that punish children for practicing their faith. Now, of course, the only ones who are punished just happen to be practicing Christians. That is no coincidence…

The problem is that the above portion of the First Amendment doesn’t just stop there… it continues past that. There is a comma there for a reason. The full phrasing of this opening clause of the First Amendment reads,

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” (emphasis added)

Somehow, Liberal educators have interpreted this to mean that instead of a constitutionally protected freedom of religion, the founders wanted to make sure that all American schoolchildren have a freedom from religion.

Now, we have the case of a girl named Kendra Turner in Newbern, Tennessee who was SUSPENDED from school because she said “God Bless You” to a classmate who sneezed in class.

Think about that for a second… A student was suspended and reprimanded by a school administrator because she said “God Bless You” in school!

This is absolute lunacy! What is happening to this country?!

Tell Congress to STOP Liberal educators and legislators from silencing the faithful and punishing students for practicing their religion!

The minute the teacher heard this girl say “God Bless You,” she went into a tirade.

She yelled and said that there would be no “godly speaking” in her class. What on earth does that even mean? She kicked Kendra Turner out of her class and sent her to the vice principal, who reprimanded her and suspended her for the rest of the day!

We here at Conservative Daily have obtained a picture of the white board taken in this class that clearly shows the phrase “bless you” to be among the list of banned phrases.

You can see it clear as day! This is absolutely unacceptable!

The founding fathers must be weeping in their graves over what is going on in our school systems, not to mention the rest of the country. Yet, liberal educators and activist judges have perverted the First Amendment to remove all individual protections. Instead of protecting the individual exercise of religion, they believe that the population at large must be protected against religious expression.

They believe that the mere utterance of “God Bless You” in a public school warrants a suspension. The school is claiming that 17-year old Kendra Turner got “boisterous” after she was told she wasn’t allowed to say “God Bless You.”

You know what? I commend her for standing up to that teacher and defending her Constitutional rights!

When asked why she stood up against the teacher, Kendra responded, “It’s alright to defend God and it’s our constitutional right because we have a freedom of religion and freedom of speech.”

I wish that all students were as brave as Kendra and as willing to stand up to these out-of-control teachers! But unfortunately, school administrators have conditioned students to believe that saying God’s name is something shameful. They have been taught to be ashamed of their faith.

There is a war going on and it is being fought over the minds of future generations. Instead of celebrating free expression, they are suppressing it.

The battle lines have already been drawn and now it is politically incorrect to even utter “God Bless You” in a public school!

Tell Congress to STOP Liberal educators and legislators from silencing the faithful and punishing students for practicing their faiths!

School administrators believe they are the Thought Police and that they have the right to infringe on individuals’ First Amendment rights and punish them for participating in a literally millennia-old practice of responding to sneezes with the phrase “God Bless You.”

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche famously wrote in his book Die Fröhliche Wissenschaft that “God is dead.” Karl Marx happened to agree with him. Nietzsche meant that the Christian God was no longer a source of moral guidance in society. The goal of Statists is to stifle religion and to force subjects to worship the State instead. If you look at all of the worst dictatorships in history, all these tyrants tried to force their citizens to turn away from God and to put their faith in the State. For a teacher to ban a whole list of “Godly words” in her classroom is a textbook example of this tyranny!

I am here to tell you that God is not dead. He is alive and well and thriving in America. But these liberals are actively trying to kill Him, and they will succeed in wiping Him from our collective memory if we don’t stop them!

For far too long, we have allowed these liberal educators, legislators, and activist judges to cloud the true meaning of the First Amendment and silence the faithful.

That ends today! Not one step backwards!

Tell Congress to STOP Liberal educators and legislators from silencing the faithful and punishing students for practicing their faiths!

Tired of having to defend my Constitutional rights against these clowns,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily