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A year ago, we told you the story of John Filippidis, a Florida man who was targeted by Maryland Transit Police because he was a gun owner.

Police officers pulled him over while he was traveling through Maryland and immediately began badgering him and his wife for the location of his guns.

The police scanned his license plate and saw he was a gun owner. Instead of letting him go on his way, they pulled him over hoping to catch him breaking the law.

Well, a year later, it turns out it's a lot more common than we thought. In Maryland and other gun control states, police officers regularly target and states drivers who have gun or carry permits. That’s because new license plate scanners allow officers to instantaneously identify drivers. And with many state’s gun and carry permits linked to interstate databases, some police officers have made a habit of deliberately pulling gun owners over to try to catch them illegally transporting a firearm!

This is happening more often than it should. Police should not be allowed to target law-abiding citizens in the hopes of catching them breaking a regulation! Government shouldn’t be able to use gun databases to target citizens!

Tell Congress to STOP states from illegally targeting gun-owning citizens!

We conservatives are often accused of sensationalizing the gun control movement and the threats it poses to us. At the top of the list is the accusation that gun rights supporters are exaggerating the government’s desire to register and confiscate civilian firearms. But is it really an exaggeration?

Don’t think for one second that the Democrats are only interested in disarming criminals. They are interested in criminalizing law-abiding Americans!  A lot of times, people wonder what would happen if the government had a registry of gun owners. Would they actually disarm us? Would they target us with extra scrutiny? If you want to see the end-game of the Democrats’ gun-control agenda, look no further than what is happening in the People’s Republik of Maryland!

In Maryland, residents must first show a “good and substantial reason” why they need firearms for self-defense. In reality though, barely anyone is actually given a permit to carry a gun in public.

John Filippidis was humiliated while police searched through his car looking for an illegal firearm. Even though he assured them he had left it at home in Florida, the police didn’t believe him. So his family was forced to stand on the side of the highway in sub-freezing weather while police tried to catch him breaking a law.

The State of Maryland claims that the officer in question did nothing wrong. However, this same officer was involved in another targeting case!

John Tonnesen is another Florida resident who was pulled over by the SAME Maryland Transportation Police officer. He was stopped for a routine traffic stop but police insisted on searching his car for firearms.

They found an unloaded pistol stored in a closed bag placed as far away from the driver’s seat as possible. Maryland law requires that pistols be transported unloaded in a locked container. Tonnesen didn’t follow the law by the letter and he was thrown in jail for it.

But the question is, why are these police officers so insistent on searching for firearms? Surely they don’t search all cars for illegal firearms.

The allegation is that police are using license plate scanners to find out-of-state gun owners in order to catch them not transporting their firearms correctly.

They are accessing gun registries and using this data to go after gun owners. And it isn’t just Maryland. New York and Connecticut both use their gun registries to disarm people the state deems to be unworthy of owning a gun.

Congress has to put a stop to this!

Tell Congress to STOP states from illegally targeting gun-owning citizens!

People who have gone out of their way to obtain a concealed carry permit are some of the most law-abiding people in the country. The fact that these gun control regimes are allowed to target them is ludicrous!

The Left is making a push to get gun control ballot initiatives approved in a number of states. The goal is to create a complete registry of gun owners.

We’ve seen first hand what happens when agents of the government get their hands on these registries: they use them to unfairly target gun owners!

It is up to us to make sure that American gun owners are not unfairly targeted by radical gun control regimes!

Tell Congress to STOP states from illegally targeting gun-owning citizens!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily