Fellow Conservative,

This week, the FBI revealed what we’ve known all along. They are officially investigating Hillary Clinton. And contrary to what the campaign claims – no, they are not performing a security check – the investigation is criminal in nature.

But what also broke this week is the fact that the State Department’s excuses for delaying the release of Hillary’s emails are completely bogus.

You see, the State Department is trying to delay their release again. Instead of releasing them by February 18th, they want to release the emails on Super Tuesday in order to shield Hillary Clinton from further scrutiny.

Hillary’s volunteers yesterday in New Hampshire weren’t natives. They were current and former State Department employees who had taken the day off and flown up north to help their former boss with her campaign.

It is absolutely clear that the State Department is working to help Hillary Clinton get elected.

The reports say that this last batch of 3,700 emails will be the most classified and redacted of the lot. And they want to hold these emails back until after 30% of the country has already voted. It’s just criminal.

Hillary’s on the ropes! Don’t let the State Department steal the election for her! Force Congress to seize these emails NOW!

Let’s not forget that Hillary was able to delete and destroy half of her emails, no questions asked, before handing the server over to the FBI/DoS.

Here’s the truth. The only reason these Classified and Top Secret emails are showing up is because Hillary and her staff forgot to delete them. And now the State Department is working overtime to cover it up. Unless the FBI was able to recover them, we’ll never know what this woman was doing on her private server…

U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras has been more than fair. The timeline afforded to the State Department to make these emails public has been fair. And the Obama administration is walking all over the court.

The State Department has used every excuse to stretch this out as long as possible to protect Hillary’s campaign. With Hillary’s absolute shellacking yesterday in New Hampshire, the Democrats are terrified. One marked Top Secret email could absolutely doom her campaign. The State Department won’t let that happen.

When the executive branch is caught impeding an investigation, Congress has the legal and constitutional authority to intervene and launch its own investigation. That is why the law allows for Congress to appoint a Special Prosecutor.

With this latest development, you MUST demand it. We’re not just talking about sending Clinton home from the campaign trail… We’re talking about sending her to prison!

No more delays! Force Congress to appoint a Special Prosecutor to seize these emails and indict Hillary Clinton now!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily