Fellow Conservative,

Yesterday was the deadline. A Federal judge had ordered the State Department to release 2,400 of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The State Department didn’t comply with the order. They only released 1,356 emails, well below the court order.

The reasoning? There’s so much confidential information in Hillary Clinton’s emails that it is taking the administration longer than expected to clear them for release.

Forty-one of the recently released emails had to be redacted because they contained classified materials.

Meanwhile, Hillary once again doubled down and said that the law didn’t apply to her because she claims she never received any classified or confidential information.

That’s it. It’s time to arrest this woman.

The State Department confirms Hillary broke the law. Demand that Congress arrest this woman!

When the administration caught Gen. David Petraeus storing classified materials in an unlocked desk drawer, the DOJ prosecuted him. He was fined $100k and sentenced to two years probation.

Now, Hillary Clinton has stored potentially hundreds of confidential files on an unsecure email server in her home, available for any hacker to access. The intelligence establishment is frantically trying to figure out what information Clinton was sent because there’s no doubt that Hillary Clinton left this information exposed.

Not one, but two Inspectors General determined that the way Hillary Clinton stored her emails was illegal. They then referred the case to the Department of Justice.

What did Barack Obama do? He radically altered the law to limit how Inspectors General can investigate government corruption and criminality. When the walls start closing in on an Obama administration criminal, the President simply changes the law.

It’s clear. President Obama and his associates are going to let this slide. They are going to protect Hillary Clinton even though she quite literally put this country at risk, even if that means unilaterally rewriting the law.

All the evidence is there and Congress has complete authority to compel the Sergeant at Arms to arrest Hillary and seize her hard drives. The only thing left is the will to act and the only way that happens if you demand it!

Undeniable evidence Hillary broke the law but Obama refuses to prosecute her. Demand that Congress intervene and arrest her immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily