Decreased Murder via Stand Your Ground Laws!

Dear Friends of Our Constitutional Rights,


Yet, nationwide protestors want Florida Governor Rick Scott to review the state’s “Stand Your Ground” Law.

Remember: A jury of peers found George Zimmerman NOT GUILTY of killing Trayvon Martin, by reason of SELF-DEFENSE.  He feared for his life!

Yet the Administration wants to use this court decision to ADVANCE Gun Control legislation in the United States of America.  Your fax is urgently needed NOW!

Remind Congress of your right to own a gun!

President Barack Obama intends to exploit a family’s grief and racial overtones to push his ANTI-GUN agenda!

As a result of the Zimmerman acquittal, several cities across the country experienced mob scenes with burning and looting; not paying attention to admonitions of police chiefs and the parents of slain Trayvon Martin to “keep it peaceful.”

Florida Governor Rick Scott met with seven leaders of the Tallahassee protest against “Stand Your Ground” in his conference room.  The meeting between Scott and the protesters was polite.  He spent time asking the protesters whether they were in college and what part of the state they were from. 

“There has to be a comprehensive approach to make sure every child in Florida can feel safe again,” Gabriel Pendas told the governor. 

“Rick Scott has awoken a sleeping giant. We are going to work.  Dream Defenders call for people around the nation to converge on Florida’s Capitol to join us as we stand for Trayvon,” voiced Curtis Hierro, field director for Dream Defenders.

Even though the governor took many notes and interacted with the protesters, at the end of the meeting he told them directly that he supported keeping the “Stand Your Ground” law intact and he would NOT call a special session.

Scott said he had spoken earlier in the evening with Trayvon Martin’s mother.  He then called for a day of prayer on Sunday for unity.

Beginning with Florida in 2005, at least 24 states have adopted some variation of a stand-your-ground law.  Additional states have adopted similar policies through state court rulings.  Their general thrust is to remove the long-standing legal “duty to retreat” in the face of danger while in a public place.  Instead, individuals may defend themselves, with lethal force if necessary, as long as they are in the public place legally.

Millions of armed Americans go about their business carrying a firearm for the same reason Zimmerman did:  to protect themselves against criminal assault.  A 1996 survey of Florida permit holders revealed that they were 840 times less likely to be involved in a violent crime than the general population. 

Anti-gun advocates, like President Barack Obama, refuse to accept the fact that the majority of Americans who carry a firearm are PEACEFUL!  They are ANTI-criminal.

But that does not deter President Obama and his minions to cramming down our throats ANTI-GUN measures!

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Little-known FACTMore blacks have used “Stand Your Ground” as a defense in Florida than whites!!

Obama continues to push his radical agenda and stoking the fires of racial hatred by permitting his Department of Justice to engage federal civil rights’ charges in what is really a local case that has already been decided, regardless of the political and racial overtones made by people from outside of Sanford. 

Actually, the political intrusion by the federal government started many months ago when President Obama publically said: “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon!”

The White House continues to want to make gun violence the “BATTLE CRY” to literally DIVIDE Americans and take away our Constitutional rights.  Rather than addressing the real issues, President Obama uses gun control and racial division every opportunity he gets.  That is wrong!

More Gun Control would not have prevented the Connecticut or Colorado tragedies.  More gun control is what the President wants, even after the Zimmerman verdict.  Gun control is NOT the answer.  The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution allows every citizen to defend themselves with a gun.  Remind Congress of that!

Remind Congress of your right to own a gun!


Tony Adkins