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President Obama is going to confiscate your guns.  He is going to do it using illegal Executive Orders.  His plan is to bypass Congress and our republican form of government.  Vice President Joe Biden has already made the announcement.  President Obama and his cadre of freedom hating liberals are going to publicly flaunt the United States Constitution and steal your 2nd Amendment rights.

This shouldn’t come as a shock to you.  If you had been reading Conservative-Daily, you would have been warned about this exact eventuality nearly a year ago.  We have been keeping tabs on the Obama Administration as they continue their march towards dictatorship. For months and months we have been warning the public that Obama was using Executive Orders unconstitutionally and that eventually, he would come for your guns.  It is happening.  Even as you read this article, President Obama and Vice-President Biden are thinking up ways to ignore the Constitution and rule by fiat. 

In short, they want to take your guns and your freedom.  Whether or not you let them is up to you.  We asked you to act months ago.  Not enough people stood up against Obama’s tyranny.  So now, we must ask again.  We need your help to stop them or to slow them down.  We need your help to give our judicial system and freedom loving politicians the time to prepare and protect us from the authoritarian rule of Dictator Obama.  Stand up today.  It might be your last chance. 

CLICK here to DEMAND that Congress VETOES these unconstitutional Executive Orders and take back its legislative power before it is too late

According to several media outlets, President Obama is planning on creating a total of 23 new Executive Orders aimed at eliminating the 2nd Amendment, Congressional review, and the rule of law in the United States.  And he is doing it to the thunderous applause of every moron who has never read a history book.  These are the birth pangs of a dictatorship.  What are you going to do? 

Liberals are lining up behind their despotic standard bearer; even urging him break the law.  Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) made remarks regarding gun control and the rule of law that has raised more than a few eyebrows in the law enforcement community.  Rep. Speier stated, “I urged him to do as much by executive order as possible...Frankly, I don’t have a lot of confidence that this Congress is going to do anything significant.”  Rep. Speier ought to be impeached and tried for treason.  Publicly stating that a sitting President should circumvent Congress to achieve his unconstitutional goals is an act of war against our Constitutional form of government. 

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If he institutes these Executive Orders he will be openly circumventing Congress, publicly breaking the law and ruling as a dictator.  The game will be up.  If we don’t stop him now, he will take your guns and you will be defenseless.  President Obama has already killed Americans without a trial.  Do you think you are so special that he won’t kill you too?

These are clearly NOT the actions of a republican state.  As we all know, this is not the first time Obama has used Executive Orders to bypass Congress.

CLICK here to DEMAND that Congress VETOES these unconstitutional Executive Orders and take back its legislative power before it is too late

At Conservative-Daily, we have been keeping a close eye on Obama’s journey from President to de facto dictator.  We have chronicled his use of Executive Orders and his lack of respect for the rule of law.  Below is a non-exhaustive list meant to highlight some of the more profane acts against our democracy undertaken by our “President”. 

Legislating Through Executive Orders

Since taking office, President Obama has used Executive Orders to facilitate the creation of his police state.  He has done so silently and effectively.  Below are his most frightening Executive Orders to date:

  • National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order: This edict, signed by the President on March 16, 2012, gives Obama all the tools necessary to dissolve our Republic and create a Marxist dystopia!  That’s right!  This Executive Order would not only allow Obama to declare martial law during peacetime, but also gives him the “legal” authority to confiscate private property,  nationalize the means of production, create forced worker camps, and even ration your family’s food and water!!   At any given moment, Obama could institute martial law, dissolve Congress, and finalize our march toward Communism that he started on the day he took office!!

  •  Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions Executive Order: This Executive order gives the President the power to take control of and administer ALL public and PRIVATE communications in the United States.  According to government documents, Obama can nationalize all wired, wireless, satellite, broadcasting, and cable in the United States during a national emergency.

  • Russian Highly Enriched Uranium Executive Order:   This Executive Order put the United States into an immediate state of National Emergency.  In conjunction with the National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions Executive Order, this gives Obama the ability to hijack our entire communication infrastructure in the United States.  Public and PRIVATE! 

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Bypassing Congress

Not only is Obama using Executive Orders to lay the groundwork for a police state, but he is also bypassing Congress at every opportunity in an effort to illegally change laws in the United States absent the constitutionally required bicameral process.  Below are just a few examples of how the President has usurped Congressional authority:

  • After internet regulation legislation failed in Congress, the President used the FCC illegally regulate the internet.  Even after a Federal court said it was unconstitutional.

  • On July 12, 2012, President Obama issued a memorandum that illegally guts the work requirements found in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) legislation passed in 1996.  This action is in direct contravention of the legislation in question and demonstrates the tyrannical intent of our sitting President.  This move will put more people on welfare and is an attempt by Obama to buy off the American people so he can win the next Presidential election. 

Ignoring Duly Enacted Legislation

President Obama is also legislating by omission.  That is, he is ignoring FEDERAL LAWS that he does not like and refuses to enforce them despite a constitutional requirement to do so.  Below is a short, non-exhaustive list of his illegal actions:

  • Though still illegal under applicable Federal law, Obama has announced he will stop enforcing marijuana laws in the United States.

  • The Obama Administration has stopped enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act rather than allowing Congress to change the legislation.

  • President Obama declared that he will no longer deport illegal aliens if they fulfill a certain criteria despite Federal laws that require their deportation effectively granting amnesty to 800,000 illegal aliens

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If this list doesn’t scare the hell out of you, it should.  Further, it is FAR from exhaustive and continues to grow each day with a new attempt to illegally grab power.  Each action, taken as a single event, is troubling; taken together they paint a picture of a President who is ignoring constitutional checks and balances and is preparing to rule our country as a dictator through the use of martial law.

President Obama must be stopped.  We can no longer allow him to bypass Congress at whim. With every Executive Order he puts more and more distance between his presidency and the Constitution. We must preserve our Constitution and our 2nd Amendment rights.  We need your voice faxing Congress; together we can save and rebuild what is left of our Constitutional form of government.   

CLICK here to DEMAND that Congress VETOES these unconstitutional Executive Orders and take back its legislative power before it is too late


Tony Adkins