Fellow Conservative,

We knew that it was only a matter of time before evidence emerged proving Eric Holder’s guilt.

When a Federal Judge ordered the Department of Justice to hand over its Fast & Furious documents, I knew that we were bound to uncover proof of wrongdoing.

That is exactly what has happened!

This all started when CBS News aired a damning report proving that Eric Holder had lied to Congress about the DOJ/ATF failed gun-walking operation called Fast & Furious.

Eric Holder had been asked, under oath, when he learned about Operation Fast & Furious. He responded that he first heard about the operation in May of 2011.

But CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson found documentation proving that Holder was briefed on Operation Fast & Furious all the way back in the Summer of 2010 – a year earlier than he admitted under oath.

Attkisson published the story on CBS News and that’s when the attacks started.

DOJ Public Affairs Director Tracy Schmaler worked relentlessly to bury the story. She wrote to her counterpart, White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz: "I'm also calling Sharyl's editor and reaching out to [CBS senior correspondent Bob] Scheiffer. She's out of control."

Here’s the email itself:

Do you see what this means? The Department of Justice actively coordinated with the White House to pressure a news agency to silence a reporter critical of the administration!

Every new revelation proves Eric Holder’s guilt! He must be impeached and arrested immediately!

It’s not enough that Eric Holder is stepping down as Attorney General. He has promised to resign as soon as the Senate chooses his replacement. But I refuse to allow this criminal to retire with honor and benefits. We can’t celebrate until this man is behind bars.

And now we have plenty of proof! We have concrete evidence that high-level bureaucrats in both the DOJ and the White House were collaborating to stop an independent journalist from revealing the truth.

Eric Holder has repeatedly said that the “buck” stops with him. The DOJ’s Director of Public Affairs doesn’t coordinate with the White House to interfere with the press unless the Attorney General orders it…

The media is supposed to be the Fourth Branch of government. The idea is that should tyranny ever take over, the media would be free to identify it and broadcast it to the country. Sharyl Attkisson was reporting the truth. She realized that Eric Holder lied under oath about his involvement in Fast & Furious and she was targeted because of it.

But now we know for a FACT that the Department of (in)Justice and the White House were conspiring to target reporters and prevent the truth from getting out.

The question is, how many other stories have they stopped from being published? How many other careers has Eric Holder ruined to protect his own behind?

One is far too many!

This is all the evidence we need! Eric Holder has already been held in contempt. The House of Representatives has the Constitutional authority to order the Sergeant in Arms to arrest Mr. Holder and confine him in the Capitol Jail.

All it takes is for brave patriots like you to demand it!

Every new revelation proves Eric Holder’s guilt! He must be impeached and arrested immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily