Fellow Conservative,

In the month of April, Barack Obama let 451 Syrian refugees into the country. This is the largest number brought into the country in a given month. Only one of them was a Christian.

This comes more than a month after the Obama administration and Congress declared that Syrian Christians were victims of Genocide.

Only one Christian…

Since the start of the fiscal year, only ten Syrian Christian refugees have been accepted into the country.

Christians account for just TEN out of the more than 1,835 Syrian refugees who have come into the country since October.

It’s absolutely shameful. The one group that is being systematically slaughtered is being sent to the end of the line.

And to top it all off, Obama has decimated the refugee background check process, taking what used to take 18-24 months and demanding that agents vet these people in just THREE months.

It’s a recipe for disaster. We must support Senator Tom Cotton’s (R-AR) Religious Persecution Relief Act and prioritize Christian genocide victims for entry into the country!

Don’t let Obama bring any more terrorists into the country disguised as refugees! Please, FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they pass the Religious Persecution Relief Act and force Obama to prioritize Christians and genocide victims for resettlement!

Genocide is defined as the attempt, in whole or in part, to destroy a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group. Genocide does not require that you succeed in destroying the entire group, nor does it require that you use killing as a form of violence.

The point is that genocide is destroying a group of people because of their identity.

ISIS beheading Christians and killing ethnic minorities en masse is a clear example of genocide.

Congress passed a law giving the Obama administration a deadline to declare it genocide and the Obama administration followed through.

It is common knowledge that the President is trying to bring tens of thousands of Syrian refugees here. The FBI admitted that it is impossible to vet these people, but Obama’s letting them in anyway.

So, Republicans in Congress just introduced the Religious Persecution Relief Act of 2016, forcing the Obama administration to prioritize Syrian Christians and genocide victims for entry!

There’s nothing Obama can do. He backed himself into a corner. It would be political suicide to declare what is happening in Syria to be genocide and then proceed to not bring genocide victims here to the United States.

It completely makes sense. Why should the United States risk letting terrorists and criminals into the United States when there is a whole group of people literally dying to get here?

Obama has two choices. He can prioritize Christian and minority victims for refugee status or he can ignore them and continue to bring radicals here who want to do us harm.

Right now, we have the opportunity to decide who is coming here: potential terrorists or certified victims.

I choose the latter. Syrian Christians and minorities aren’t sexually assaulting women and shooting up community centers. They are begging to come here to escape genocide and they deserve the opportunity. Obama won’t give that opportunity to them.

This is common sense but Democrats are already promising to stop the bill from moving forward. They want to give Obama the right to bring terrorists and terror sympathizers here!

Obama is choosing to bring terrorists here instead of Syrian genocide victims! Force Congress to pass the Religious Persecution Relief Act immediately to prioritize Syrian Christians and minorities for refugee resettlement!

Right now, the United Nations is deciding which “refugees” are allowed to petition to come to the United States. For many reasons, Christians are being excluded from this recommended list. That is unacceptable.

Senator Cotton’s legislation would bypass the United Nations and allow Christians to petition the United States directly for refugee resettlement.

The votes aren’t there to kill Obama’s refugee program. The Democrats filibustered the bill earlier this year in the Senate.

But we can force Obama to admit Christians and bonafide genocide victims instead!

With the horror that these men and women of faith are being subjected to, it is truly shameful that Obama is sending them to the end of the line.

No more!

Don’t let this happen! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they pass the Religious Persecution Relief Act immediately to prioritize Syrian Christians and minorities for refugee resettlement!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily