Fellow Conservative,

We just got the news we’ve been looking for. The Senate is taking up the American SAFE Act, a piece of legislation that would make it harder for terrorists to slip through our legal immigration system.

Right now, the Obama administration is letting refugees come to the United States from the Middle East without undergoing a full background check. The administration gives it the old “college try” and if they don’t find anything bad at first glance, then they let the refugees in.

What the American SAFE Act would do is force the Federal government to run full, certified background checks in triplicate. Only after a refugee was determined to be good would he or she be allowed in.

Just the other day, an ISIS suicide bomber blew himself up and killed 10 people in Istanbul, Turkey. He got into the country disguised as a refugee. He had all the paperwork he needed.

To think that they aren’t trying to do the same here would be stupid. Of course ISIS and other terror organizations are trying to take advantage of our generosity and sneak terrorists in disguised as refugees. Two refugees were just arrested for plotting terror attacks in America.

The American SAFE Act is so common sense that it passed the House of Representatives with a veto-proof majority. That means that even if Obama vetoed the bill, there is enough Democrat support in the House to override the veto. That’s a big deal.

Unfortunately, there are Democrats in the Senate who have promised to stop this bill from ever reaching Obama’s desk. They are perfectly happy with this imperfect vetting system.

We can’t afford to wait for a domestic attack to get this bill through. Then, it would be too late. We need to push for full passage of the American SAFE Act right now!

Don’t let the Democrats put us in danger any longer! Force Congress to pass the American SAFE Act and mandate full background checks on Syrian refugees!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily