Since the news first broke, we here at Conservative Daily have been covering the story of Shaneen Allen, the single mother of two from Pennsylvania who brought her otherwise legal firearm into the gun control state of New Jersey without realizing her concealed weapons permit did not have reciprocity there.

Like so many other robbery victims, Ms. Allen didn’t buy a gun to hurt anyone… she bought a gun to ensure that if and when burglars came after her or her property, she would be able to defend herself.

When she was pulled over in New Jersey for a minor traffic violation, she admitted to the police officer that she had a pistol in her car. This was something that she had been taught to do in Pennsylvania as a courtesy to the police officer. But in New Jersey, where the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to lowly common folk, Ms. Allen’s courteousness was nothing but an admission of guilt.

Now, she faces a minimum of three years in prison because of her mistake.

No one is saying that Ms. Allen is innocent. According to the laws of the State of New Jersey, she committed a crime.

However, New Jersey’s gun control laws are unconstitutional and immoral. As far as I am concerned, an unjust law is no law at all! I have family who live in New Jersey and I know first hand how the laws are meant only to ensnare law-abiding gun owners.

That is because these gun laws can only succeed by convincing would-be criminals that the consequences of their actions far outweigh the perceived benefits. But criminals and the mentally deranged, by definition, cannot make that cost benefit analysis. Criminals don’t care if it is illegal to carry a gun in public. They have already broken so many laws that one more broken law doesn’t really make a difference.

We get tons of emails from liberals making arguments for why the Second Amendment shouldn’t exist. They say that people shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns in public for protection… they argue that the Second Amendment should only apply to muskets. They argue that the founders couldn’t have possibly envisioned how firearm technology would develop.

Well, does that mean that the 1st Amendment doesn’t apply to the Internet? Does that mean the 4th Amendment doesn’t apply to private telephone conversations?

Of course not!

The Second Amendment reads that the “right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Shaneen Allen, like so many other people arrested for owning and bearing a weapon, was well within her Constitutional rights. Yet, Congress continues to allow these liberal states to violate citizens’ rights!

Tell Congress that it is UNACCEPTABLE to allow gun control states to violate citizens’ Second Amendment rights!

Shaneen Allen was stopped in Atlantic County, New Jersey and the County Prosecutor is named James McClain. This man has the authority to show leniency in cases like these. There are pre-trial intervention programs for non-violent first time offenders that allow people who make mistakes to avoid jail time and felony convictions.

The judge in the case gave the green light for Shaneen Allen to go into this program. The pre-trial program director said that Shaneen Allen would be a perfect candidate because she was a non-violent offender.

However, Prosecutor James McClain refused to approve the request. He wanted to “make an example of her.” So now, Shaneen Allen has no choice but to go to trial, where a conviction would bring a mandatory minimum of three years in prison… all for exercising a constitutional right!

A few months ago, NFL Running Back Ray Rice was caught on camera beating his girlfriend in an Atlantic City elevator, knocking her unconscious, and dragging her body away. James McClain was also the prosecutor in that case. But instead of making an example of the Baltimore Ravens star football player, the Prosecutor allowed Ray Rice to avoid a potential felony conviction by enrolling in the pre-trial intervention program.

So let me get this straight… there is a man on camera savagely beating his fiancée and because he is a wealthy football player, he was shown leniency. But an African-American single mother of two isn’t afforded the same opportunity???

The truth is that unless you are a member of the elite, your rights mean nothing. You have no rights unless these Leftist regimes give you permission!

The founding fathers penned the words “shall not infringed,” but nowadays, politicians expect us to prove a justifiable need to own or carry weapons.

The Bill of Rights doesn’t work that way!

The gun control powers-that-be are trying to make an example of Shaneen Allen. But they’re not interested in reaching out to criminals… no, they are using Ms. Allen’s case to show YOU what happens when average Americans try to revolt against the system!

They are making Shaneen Allen an example of what happens when the non-politically connected try to exercise their constitutional rights!

They expect us to cower… they expect us to just sit back and accept the infringements on our constitutional rights…

But I refuse to go quietly… You must refuse to go quietly… We ALL must refuse to go quietly!

The national concealed carry reciprocity movement is gaining steam. More and more Congressmen and Senators are coming on board. We must continue to hold Congress’ feet to the fire and DEMAND that they force these socialist states to respect the Constitutional rights of the citizenry!

Because it you don’t, soon there will be nothing left to protect…

Tell Congress that it is UNACCEPTABLE to allow gun control states to violate citizens’ Second Amendment rights!

Refusing to give up the fight,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily