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In 2013, Barack Obama made an off-the-cuff remark. During the Government shutdown, he said that instead of trying to undermine Obamacare with parliamentary maneuvers, the GOP should focus on winning elections instead.

Without an election win, the President said, the GOP had no mandate to target the abysmal healthcare law.

Well, isn’t it funny how things can change so quickly? Every single Republican Senator who won an election this past Tuesday ran on the premise of repealing Obamacare.

Yet, now that the Republican Party has announced its agenda for 2015, Obamacare is way at the bottom of the list!

This is unacceptable! Obamacare must be repealed and replaced with a healthcare plan that doesn’t punish the middle class!

Republicans are running away from Obamacare! You MUST demand that the law be repealed and replaced!

In the day’s following the election, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said that he heard the American people loud and clear and that he promised to make tax reform and a new trade agreement a top priority in 2015.

Excuse me? Does anyone really think that the Midterm Election gave the GOP a mandate for tax reform?

It might be too early to tell, but it seems that it only took a few days for the “Grand Old Party” to completely run away from the voters that put it into power!

I understand that people with pre-existing conditions are allowed to get insurance now… I understand that college students can stay on their parents’ insurance until they’re 26…

I can see how those can be helpful to certain people. But they don’t outweigh all the pain and suffering that has fallen on the middle class thanks to this law!

Liberals sold this law based on the premise that there would be more winners than losers. But the truth is that for every American who benefits from the law, there are 4 times as many other Americans who are now forced to pay sky-high premiums for insurance they will never be able to use because the deductibles are so high!

I don’t care if people say that Obama won’t sign the bill.

I don’t care if people say there aren’t enough votes to overturn a veto.

On Day ONE, the GOP needs to have an Obamacare repeal on the President’s desk! For years, Harry Reid has protected Obama from having to deal with controversial legislation. Barack Obama has vetoed fewer bills than any President in recent memory because Reid stopped everything controversial from reaching his desk!

This is about forcing Obama to act. Well over 50% of the American people want this law overturned and replaced and it is time to force the President to pick a side!

President Obama has maintained a 40% approval rating, as low as that number seems, because he has spent the past few years doing absolutely nothing!

It’s time to force him to vote against the American people and show his true colors!

Republicans are running away from Obamacare! You MUST demand that the law be repealed and replaced!

The GOP is running away from their promise.

I had my health insurance cancelled. It was stolen by liberals who want to micromanage my family’s healthcare.

I have close friends who have been forced to negotiate healthcare costs with doctors and hospitals. Thanks to Obamacare, they had to negotiate the ‘illegal alien’ rate to pay for their family’s healthcare out of pocket.

This is ridiculous! This law is horrible and a few benefits do not change the fact that Obamacare is unaffordable!

The GOP says it wants to repeal Obamacare in order to get elected. But after that, they are too afraid to live up to the promise!

We have to hold their feet to the fire! We have to demand that they stand up to Obama and defend the middle class!

Republicans are running away from Obamacare! You MUST demand that the law be repealed and replaced!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily