Fellow Conservative,

The Obama administration admits it will miss its second deadline in a row in its nuclear negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The deadline is tomorrow, but many of the Iranian negotiators have gone home to Tehran, making an agreement impossible.

But now we’re hearing word that the Obama has made an unforgiveable concession in order to get the Iranians back to the table: no nuclear inspections of military facilities.

That’s right… Foreign news sources are reporting that the United States and its allies are backing down on requiring the Iranians to open up their military bases to IAEA nuclear inspectors.

It seems that if we were really interested in stopping Iran, we would maintain the right to search every single square inch of Iranian soli to make sure they aren’t building a nuclear weapon.

But instead, Obama and Kerry are prepared to make Iran’s nuclear facilities – the number one place where nuclear bombs would be located – off limits to international inspectors.

Complete madness…

Obama and Kerry are about to give-in to Iran’s demands. Force Congress to intervene and stop this suicidal deal!

This is coming on the heels of revelations that for the entirety of the nuclear negotiations, while Iran was pledging to reduce its nuclear stockpile, they were actually secretly building it up.

Today, Iran has more enriched nuclear material than they did when they began negotiations with the West.

That’s not just me saying this. This is the consensus of the international community.

Iran is building up its nuclear stockpile and now the Obama administration is allegedly prepared to allow the Iranians to hide these weapons in off-limits military facilities.

The Iranian negotiators have refused to sign any deal that allows nuclear inspectors into their military sites. The Iranian Parliament voted to prevent these inspectors from entering military bases. Iran’s Supreme Leader promised that international inspectors would never get their way. And Obama is ok with this.

Words don’t describe how stupid this is. However, this is clearer than ever: the Obama administration is more interested in building a monument to itself than actually stopping Iran from getting the bomb.

Administration officials have come out and even admitted that it is a matter of when, not if, Iran gets a nuclear weapon.

Isn’t is sad how far the Presidency has fallen? Instead of defending us and our allies, the Obama administration is literally leaving the door open for Iran to build a nuclear bomb.

Congress reserved the right to put a stop to this deal. It’s time for them to take that step. It’s time for you to demand it.

Iran cannot be allowed to get the bomb. You cannot let Barack Obama allow Iran to get the bomb. And the only way to put a stop to this suicidal deal is for Congress to get involved!

The White House is surrendering to Iran’s demands. Don’t let the Iranians get the bomb! Force Congress to halt this horrible deal!

Can’t believe this administration,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily