Today, the Supreme Court issued a number of orders. Noticeably missing was Peruta v California.

This is the case challenging California's carry ban. In the state, open carry is completely illegal. But since state law allows local police to reject concealed carry permit applications at any time, for any reason, the sate has essentially banned all methods of carrying firearms. Peruta asks the question: how can this be constitutional given the 2nd Amendment's promise of a right to "bear arms?"

Typically, cases that go before the Supreme Court get heard in a conference and then the Justices decide whether to move forward with it or push it aside. On a rare occasion, cases will be relisted and rescheduled one or two times if Justices need a little extra time convincing their colleagues. Cases are not automatically rescheduled anymore. In order for a case to be pushed to the next conference, at least one Justice needs to come to bat for it. With today's news, Peruta v California has now been scheduled for eight different conferences. This is unheard of.

Here's what this means. When the Supreme Court meets in a conference to review cases, it takes four Justices in agreement to take action on a specific case. The fact that Peruta has been rescheduled so many times shows that there are not four Supreme Court Justices in agreement. Less than four Justices want to fully hear the case and less than four want the California carry ban to stand.

The other possible reason that Peruta is being rescheduled is that the Liberal and Conservative wings of the Court are unsure how Justice Kennedy would vote. Neither side is going to risk setting national precedent without some assurance that their side will win the day.

The only thing worse than the Supreme Court leaving the California ban in place would be if they heard the case and then ruled to remove the right to bear arms nationwide.

Support for the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act is growing because of YOU! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and demand that they sign onto this common-sense pro-gun legislation and restore the 2nd Amendment to all Americans!

Now do you understand how risky this case is?

The future of the Second Amendment will depend on how well Justices Thomas, Gorsuch, Alito, and Roberts can predict how Kennedy would vote.

Your right to carry a firearm in public could literally disappear if they guess incorrectly.

That's not fear mongering. The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in 2008 that you have an individual right to own a firearm and to keep it at home. Democrats were one vote away from eliminating the individual right to own firearms. We are now facing that razor thin margin once again.

Are you comfortable leaving it up to these unelected Judges? Or would you rather control your own destiny?

Rep. Hudson has introduced the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017. This bill would require that every state in the country honor out-of-state concealed carry permits. Not only that, but someone who lives in anti-gun states like California or New Jersey would be able to get a non-resident carry permit from Utah or Florida and then use it in their home state.

Passing this bill legalizes concealed carry nationwide and restores the 2nd Amendment for the quarter of all Americans who live in anti-gun states.

Why are we continuing to hound on this issue? Because it is working.

We bombarded Congress with FaxBlasts about this on May 18th. On that same day, Minnesota Representative Jason Lewis became the 193rd Congressman to co-sponsor the bill. Going back over the past year, there are dozens of Congressmen who signed onto this legislation on the same exact day that we peppered Congress with FaxBlasts.

Your activism is working!

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Nine unelected Judges are deciding behind closed doors whether you deserve the right to defend yourself.

We believe in taking this into our own hands. If Congress passes this legislation, your right to carry nationwide is preserved.

We are seeing a real impact here. It is no coincidence that yet another Congressman has signed onto the legislation. He signed on because of YOU. He co-sponsored this legislation because you rose up and demanded it.

Now is not the time to rest. Now is the time to hammer this home and drive this across the finish line!

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