Dear Conservative,

For weeks, President Barack H. Obama has hinted that he wanted to do something to stop Islamic State (ISIS) militants in Syria.

But for all the speeches and rhetoric, Obama never provided the American people with a plan… until now.

The big plan is to use the United States Air Force to attack ISIS militants from the air. Obama believes he has the power to do this without Congress, which would be completely unconstitutional.

But believe it or not, this isn’t even the worst part of King Obama’s plan… The administration admits that airstrikes alone won’t be able to defeat ISIS. Sooner or later, there are going to need to be boots on the ground. Except those boots won’t be American boots. No, apparently Obama’s long-awaited plan is to finance, train, and arm “moderate” Syrian rebels so they can fight against ISIS.

There’s one major problem with this plan: ISIS just signed a peace treaty with the so-called moderate Syrian rebels!

Tell Congress to STOP Obama from giving weapons to “moderate” Syrian militants who just allied with ISIS!

That’s right, Obama is preparing to provide arms and munitions to ISIS’ ally, under the assumption that moderate Syrian rebels will stop fighting to regime and turn to do our bidding instead!

But we know exactly how this will end…

That’s because this isn’t the first time that Obama tried to arm “moderate” rebels in the Middle East to do his bidding… When the Syrian Civil War was heating up, Barack Obama announced his plan to arm the “opposition.” It was explained as the only way to achieve the outcome we needed…

Now fast-forward a couple of years. ISIS soldiers are running through Iraq and Syria carrying M-16 rifles that say “Property of the United States Govt.” Barack Obama shipped these rifles to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis smuggled the rifles through Iraq and into Syria where they distributed them to so-called “moderate” Syrian militants. And when these moderates came up against Islamic State fighters, they either dropped their weapons and ran, or they were killed.

We know that because the weapons we sent to Syria are now being used by ISIS.

So what is different now? ISIS isn’t a small outfit anymore. The Obama administration told Congress and the American people that ISIS numbered only 10-15,000 fighters. We now know that estimate was off by half, with the CIA announcing that ISIS fighters number over 30,000-strong.

ISIS has just signed a non-aggression pact with so-called “moderate” Syrian militants. The two sides have pledged not to fight one another and to focus all their energy on toppling the Assad regime.

And Obama is too dumb to realize that this isn’t a time for the United States to become involved in a Syrian civil war! That right, I said it!

Obama is too dumb to realize that he is dragging the United States into a war we have no business being in.

There is no such thing as a “moderate” Syrian militant, especially not one that is in a position to fight ISIS.

I know how painful it is to watch this terrorist organization behead two American journalists and, as of yesterday, a British aid worker… I understand the hatred that can cause to build up…

I want justice just as much as the next guy. I want the perpetrators of these crimes to be brought to justice. But if we went and started a war every time an American was killed by extremists abroad, we would be involved in dozens, if not hundreds of conflicts!

Tell Congress to STOP Obama from giving weapons to “moderate” Syrian militants who just allied with ISIS!

This isn’t partisanship talking. I actually believe that Obama wants this mission to succeed. But it won’t…

The U.S. Government tried this in mid 1980s when the CIA armed “moderate” militants in Afghanistan so they could fight back against the invading Soviet armies. This moderate group was called al-Qaeda and it took two decades, but the weapons we gave these Islamists were eventually used to kill American soldiers.

The Obama administration tried this in 2012 by arming “moderate” Syrian militants who could then fight against the Assad regime. Within months, they had been defeated and disarmed and the weapons we had donated were being used by ISIS to create the largest Islamic Caliphate the world has seen in almost a century!

The President wants to spend $500 million of YOUR money to fund a rag-tag group of Syrian rebels that are not only allied with ISIS, but who were defeated and disarmed the last time they fought against the Islamic State.

There’s no convincing Obama that this plan is doomed to fail… But We the People must convince Congress that sending more arms to Syria, especially to ISIS’ allies, is a HORRIBLE idea!

John Boehner has agreed to hold a vote on this… So has Harry Reid in the Senate… It is up to YOU to make sure that every Congressman and Senator realizes it is a mistake to send weapons and ammunition to groups now allied with the Islamic State!

Tell Congress to STOP Obama from giving weapons to “moderate” Syrian militants who just allied with ISIS!

This cannot be allowed to happen,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily