Fellow Conservative,

It’s just so shameful…

House Republicans have scheduled a vote on the Iran nuclear bill for Thursday, which is today. As you might remember, the Senate passed the bill last week by a vote of 98-1. They claim that it gives the Congress power to review the nuclear deal but as the legislation is written, it ultimately keeps the power in the President’s hand.

It only takes 34 Democrats to side with the President and this deal goes through, no matter how bad it is.

It already passed the Senate. Our only hope is to stop it in the House!

Don’t let the House surrender to Obama’s nuclear agenda! Stop the GOP from approving the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act as it is written!

This is where it gets really shameful. The GOP leaders know that Conservatives will fight during the committee process to amend the bill as much as possible. So instead of allowing this to happen, Boehner is using a parliamentary maneuver that bars Congressmen from adding amendments and severely limits the time for debate.

Is this what a Republic is supposed to look like? Honestly, this has gone too far.

In the coming days, we are going to make a serious push to remove John Boehner from power once and for all. We will need your help. It seems like every day, we are fighting the Republicans. It doesn't need to be this way.

But for now, we need your help to STOP this out-of-control RINO from expediting this horrible legislation and giving Obama more power in this Iran deal!

Just yesterday, one of Ayatollah Khameini’s top advisors told reporters that Iran had “divine permission” to destroy the State of Israel. This is who Obama thinks he can negotiate with…

It’s this simple. Congress MUST classify the Iran deal as a treaty. That is the only way they can ensure they’re able to defeat the deal if it is truly as bad as it sounds. Otherwise, if the legislation is passed as written, Obama will have the power to veto any Congressional Resolution of Disapproval!

House leaders are changing the rules of the game to stop Conservatives from adding their amendments.

But we’re in luck. In order for the bill to pass, it is going to need a 2/3 vote. You can stop this right now, but you need to raise your voice immediately and demand that the legislation be opened up for amendments!

All it takes for these spineless RINOs to succeed is for good patriots like you to do nothing!

The House is giving up on fighting Obama! Demand that the Iran bill be opened up for amendments and full debate!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily