Fellow American,

The Obama administration is doing everything in its power to make Americans believe it has the Ebola crisis handled. But the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth!

The vast majority (60+%) of Americans want to suspend all air travel to/from Ebola stricken countries, at least until the crisis has been contained.

The response from brave patriots like you has been overwhelming. Together, we have hammered Congress with tens of thousands of faxes demanding an air travel ban immediately!

What started as a strangely partisan issue has slowly developed into bipartisan calls for air travel suspensions.

What has the Obama administration done about it? They are funneling all travelers from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea through FIVE American airports for “enhanced screening.”

The White House is trying to pander to the majority of Americans without actually giving the people what they want!

President Obama’s Ebola response plan isn’t good enough! You must DEMAND that Congress suspend air travel to/from affected countries!

I mean, for goodness sake… There are African countries that have imposed stricter travel restrictions on us because of our Ebola crisis here.

The African Country of Rwanda is forcing all Americans to go through intense Ebola screenings. Why? Well, because apparently one death and two transmissions of the virus in America are enough to prompt Rwanda to increase screenings for Americans.

I imagine that most people would have a hard time locating Rwanda on a map. The same can be said for the country of Belize, but that hasn’t stopped the small Central American Country from closing its borders to people who have visited West Africa.

Belize’s government issued the following statement: “Also, any person of whatever nationality wishing to travel to Belize who has visited any affected area of West Africa within the last 30 days will be prohibited from entering Belize.”

Look at it this way… There isn’t a single U.S. state that has an economy anywhere comparable to Belize. The closest would be Vermont, but even the Green Mountain State has an economy 20x larger than Belize’s economy…

Yet, this small Central American country is smart enough to understand that if you truly want to stop Ebola from reaching your shores, you must stop potential Ebola carriers from entering the country all together!

More and more Congressmen and Senators are waking up and supporting a travel ban to these three West African countries. But the Obama administration continues to refuse to take this common-sense step to keep Americans safe!

The President is more interested in political correctness than actually protecting Americans…

The Obama administration wants us to believe that the crisis has been averted. They want us to accept that there hasn’t been an Ebola infection in America for almost two weeks… They want us to go back to our every-day lives as if there isn’t a viral epidemic with the potential to reach our country 150 times a day (the number of daily air travelers to the U.S. from these countries).

But the fact remains that even with these new screenings, Thomas Duncan would still have been able to slip through! These new screenings do NOTHING to stop asymptomatic Ebola carriers from coming to the United States and spreading the disease after their arrival!

President Obama’s Ebola response plan isn’t good enough! You must DEMAND that Congress suspend air travel to/from affected countries!

Luckily, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has drafted legislation taking the decision out of Obama’s hands. Congress has the Constitutional and legal authority to institute travel bans. The Cuban Embargo is a perfect example of that.

We are making serious progress! Everyday more and more legislators come over to our side in support of a travel ban.

Thomas Duncan arrived in Dallas on September 20, exactly one month ago. Since then, there have been 4,500 other travelers from Ebola countries who have entered the United States.

Every day that goes by presents 150 more opportunities for Ebola to enter this country!

Because the disease has a 21-day incubation period, there is only one way to truly stop Ebola from reaching the United States and that is to stop the potential carriers from coming here all-together.

Obama refuses to act… He refuses to do all that is necessary to protect Americans…

So we must all raise our voices and force Congress to take the matter out of his hands!

President Obama’s Ebola response plan isn’t good enough! You must DEMAND that Congress suspend air travel to/from affected countries!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily