Fellow Conservative,

The Obama administration just unilaterally rewrote the law to make it even harder to fight government corruption and criminality!

We’ve all been through civics class and understand how the checks and balances of our government work. The Congress rights the laws, the Executive enforces the law, and the Judiciary interprets the law.

But there is another section of the government that, until today, had power to root out corruption and criminal activity within the administration. I am talking about the Inspectors General.

Each department and agency within the Executive Branch has one. Most recently, the State Department’s Inspector General announced that Hillary Clinton illegally used her private email server to house confidential documents, which is a crime.

When General Petraeus stored confidential documents in a drawer in his office, the Obama administration threw the book at him. They threw the book at the man who led our troops in Afghanistan. But when they found out that Hillary Clinton stored confidential files on an unsecured computer server, which any country could hack into, they swept it under the rug.

That’s where the Inspector General comes in. The Executive Branch has no power over these inspectors. They are established by Congress to root out corruption and criminality.

Well, the Obama administration announced that these Inspectors General will no longer have open access to certain documents!

Don’t let Obama hide his administration’s criminality! Tell Congress to strengthen IG powers and file charges against Hillary Clinton!

It doesn’t get any more obvious than this. The Inspectors General are closing in on pinning a criminal charge to Hillary Clinton. Obama doesn’t want that to happen. He doesn’t want any of his cronies to go to prison.

So, he has the Department of Justice institute an illegal and unconstitutional regulation to make most incriminating documents off limits to these watchdogs.

The Obama administration is so deep into this that there’s nothing to do but keep digging.

Congress created the position of Inspector General. In the law that created the position, Congress clearly dictated that IGs would have access to “all documents necessary to conduct effective oversight.” Now, the Obama administration is limiting what documents these inspectors can access in CLEAR violation of the law.

It’s not surprising. We are talking about an administration that has refused to process Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. I actually have multiple FOIA requests that were submitted years ago and never received a response.

The Obama administration thinks that it is untouchable. Are inspectors General getting close to uncovering the truth? Their response is to stop these IGs from doing their jobs.

Yesterday, we sent out an email for our new “Ready for Hillary to Retire” t-shirts. The response was overwhelming. But a lot of the email responses we got said that people are ready for Hillary to go to prison!

Well, with these new Inspector General reports, we’ve never been closer. But the Obama administration is trying to pull the rug out from under you!

I admit, this issue isn't very exciting. It isn't going to get much news time. The vast majory of Americans don't know that Inspectors General exist, let alone what they do. But they serve a vital role in holding the administration accountable and bringing criminal bureaucrats to justice! Don’t let Obama get away with it!

Don’t let Obama hide his administration’s criminality! Tell Congress to strengthen IG powers and file charges against Hillary Clinton!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily