Fellow Conservative,

Just before the New Year, the US Congress passed a bill to make it harder for terrorists to come here legally. Anyone coming to the United States with a history of traveling to Iraq, Iran, or other states that sponsor terrorism would require extra screening for their visa.

It was a good moment. Congress did something extremely logical to stop a real threat.

Then, the President received a call. The Iranians were not happy with the bill. They didn’t like that they were being targeted specifically and threatened to pull out of the entire nuclear deal.

So, Obama was in a bind. Would he uphold the law was literally just passed? Or would he once again rule by executive fiat and violate the Constitution?

If you guessed the latter, you’re right!

Obama is refusing to enforce our immigration law so he can protect Iran! Tell Congress to CENSURE him immediately!

It really is shocking. The bill was literally just passed and now just a few weeks later, Obama is refusing to enforce the law.

John Kerry came out and announced that the “administration has the authority to waive [the provisions]” so they do not “interfere with legitimate business interests of Iran.”

This is the Obama administration, for you. They are blocking a measure designed to keep us safe in order to protect Iran’s business interests. They are literally just crossing out the one part about Iran.

This is absolute madness!

Everyone says that Congress is beyond fixing. Maybe it is, but here we have a case of the President of the United States refusing to enforce a provision of a national security law because he wants to protect the interests of the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism.

Puts it in perspective, doesn’t it?

Congress absolutely must CENSURE Obama and Kerry. This is the first step towards taking them to court and forcing them to uphold the statute.

But there are Iran sympathizers who are trying to stop that from happening. Republicans and Democrats who would be more than happy to sacrifice security to protect Iranian interests.

That is why you are so important.

This is treason! Force Congress to stop the Obama administration from literally surrendering to Iran!

With our FaxBlast system, it is impossible for Congress to ignore you. Emails get deleted and phone calls get routed to answering machines that they never listen to. Our system makes sure that your message is delivered right into the halls of Congress!

We’ve received calls from them in the past begging us to turn it off because their fax machines print all day.

Well, not today.

We have a President literally making it easier for terrorists to come here all so he can appease the Mullahs of Iran.

If you still had any doubt where Obama stands…

Don’t give up! Tell Congress to Censure Obama and Kerry and take them to court for their treason!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily