Fellow Conservative,

This administration is just so spineless. They aren’t even willing to call the Taliban what it is: a terrorist organization. Well, tell that to the families of the three American contractors killed by Taliban fighters at the Kabul airport yesterday.

That’s right. Undeterred by the White House’s refusal to label the group as terrorists, the Taliban launched a terror attack against the Kabul airport on Thursday.

It’s just so tragic… Here we have a Presidential administration that is too fearful of offending Muslims to call our enemies by their real name. It is no surprise that the White House’s change of tone comes on the heels of Al-Jazeera’s decision not to use the word “terrorist either.” Coincidence?

How are our men and women supposed to defend this country if their Commander in Chief is too spineless to use the word “terrorist?” How are we supposed to leave Afghanistan in a position to prosper if every time we catch a terrorist, Obama releases him on good behavior?

Obama is out of control! Demand that Congress step in and protect America from the President’s spineless foreign policy!

The President claims that Yemen is a success story. Meanwhile, extremists backed by Iran have toppled the government.

The President announced his plan to arm so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels. But what he neglected to mention was that these “moderates” have almost all surrendered and joined extremist groups like the Al-Nusra Front.

The President claimed that the war in Afghanistan was won. But he’s so busy sending Taliban fighters back home that he must have missed the fact that the Taliban is gaining ground.

Everywhere you turn, Obama’s foreign policy is putting this country at risk.


By now you have probably heard. At least one of the 5 terrorists that Obama released in the Bowe Bergdahl trade has already returned to waging Jihad.

But don’t worry. The Department of Defense says that it is able to “mitigate” the dangers stemming from these terrorists returning to the battlefield.

Really? How about we don’t release them to begin with?! That way, we never need to ‘mitigate’ anything!

With Barack Obama, it is always one step forward and two steps back.

He surrenders to our enemies and allows them to arm themselves. Meanwhile, he cuts our active military and leaves us hamstrung to respond to terrorism.

We are bearing witness to what happens when a community organizer, surrounded by leftist advisors, is charged with fighting Islamic extremism. The White House won’t even utter the phrase!

Enough is enough! It is only a matter of time before this feckless foreign policy comes back to bite us in a major way. To the families of the Americans killed in the Kabul airport terrorist attack this week, that day has already come.

But when you have a president who is more interested in making community college free than he is in protecting this country from Islamic extremism, this is bound to happen.

Unless you force Congress to intervene, this is going to get worse.

Obama is out of control! Demand that Congress step in and protect America from the President’s feckless foreign policy!


Max McGuire

Conservative Daily