The United States active duty military (at least the Air Force, right now) has been told NOT to view even the news about the Verizon phone snooping by the government on the Internet!

This is the last straw.  Finally, “enough is enough!”

A “Notice to Airmen” was sent by the 624th Operations Center of the United States Air Force and had a priority of “CRITICAL.”

The Executive summary reads: “Similar to events associated with WIKILEAKS disclosures in the past 2 years, classified documents associated with a news story on NSA and wiretapping are potentially classified and readily available on the internet.  Users are not to use AF NIPRNET systems to access the Verizon phone records collection and other related news stories because the action could constitute a Classified Message incident.”

In short, the Air Force has warned airmen NOT to read news stories related to the data-mining scandal!

The totalitarian society described in George Orwell’s novel, 1984, has universal surveillance, much like we now know that the United States is under. 



Isn’t that the ultimate, secretive cover-up?  News about phone records is off-limits to our airmen.

We must demand a Congressional investigation into this matter that goes even further than the actual scandal itself---NOT letting our military even read about it!

An airman doing a simple search on his computer could endanger their future in the Air Force.  Anything to do with the recent news about the NSA and Verizon phone records collection and other related news stories is not only “off-limits,” but can bring possible charges against our military!

Cindy McGee, the mother of an airman stationed overseas, gave this account of the scandal cover-up: “The fact that our government is attempting to censor our service members from the truth of what is happening here at home is truly frightening and disheartening.  I am outraged that our government is attempting to censor the information from our military that every citizen in this country is potentially being targeted by our government in a massive overreach of their constitutional powers by unconstitutional surveillance of all Americans and storage of that date.”

How dare the President of the United States call these intrusive surveillance programs merely “hype.”  But, by now, that wording can almost be expected from President Obama!\

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You may ask, “What happens if an airman disobeys this unclassified notice?” They could be punished!


How about asking Master Sgt. Nathan Sommers?

FOX News reports: Master Sgt. Nathan Sommers, a 25-year Army veteran based at Fort Myer in Washington.  Sommers said his core beliefs are enough to mark a soldier for persecution in today’s military.”

Army documents obtained by Fox News indicate Sommers was told that his actions bordered on being disrespectful to President Obama and the “slightest inference of disrespect towards superiors can have a demoralizing effect on the unit.” “You should strive to express your opinion while being aware of the overall ramifications of your statements,” the Army noted.

Sommers’ troubles began last April when he was told to remove pro-Republican, anti-Obama bumper stickers that were on his privately owned car.  The stickers read: “Political Dissent is NOT Racism,” “NOBAMA,” NOPE2012” and “The Road to Bankruptcy is Paved with Ass-Fault.” That sticker included the image of a donkey. His superior officer told the solider that the bumper stickers were creating “unnecessary workplace tension.”

“The types of stickers on your car were creating an atmosphere detrimental to morale and were creating unnecessary workplace tension,” the officer wrote in an Army document obtained by Fox News. “A Soldier must balance their personal feelings with the mission of the U.S. Army. Even the slightest inference of disrespect towards superiors can have a demoralizing effect on the unit.”

Attorney Wells said once he got involved, the military backed off of filing a formal reprimand. 

Our military men and women put their life on the line for our freedoms.  Yet the military is threatened with punishment when they express their private beliefs in private.  NOW, airmen are not even allowed to use the Internet to look at just the news! What day doesn't go by that the story isn't somewhere on the front page of every news site?

Something is very wrong here and we must demand a Congressional investigation!



Joe Otto