Fellow Conservative,

The UN Climate Treaty is starting to fall apart and Obama is rushing to implement it fully as fast as possible.

The United Nations just lost the Philippines. Even though the previous President had pledged the island nation’s support for the treaty, the new President has declared he has no intention of ratifying the climate treaty. Ever.

Obama’s goal is to get the treaty entered into force by September. In order for that to happen, 55 countries contributing at least 55% of worldwide emissions need to ratify the treaty.

With the Philippines backing away and other countries threatening to follow, Obama knows that it is now or never if he wants to enshrine his climate agenda into international law!

Obama is rushing to surrender our sovereignty to the United Nations! FaxBlast and Force Congress to put a stop to this lawlessness!

The United Nations is calling for the treaty to be put on an even faster fast-track. They’ve lost the Philippines. The United Kingdom has slashed funding for renewable energies, signaling that they might not even ratify the treaty.

Last Thursday, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon held an emergency, ‘special event’ to drum up support for the agreement.

While they would have been content with countries ratifying the treaty by the end of the year, the UN is now urging countries to ratify the treaty over the next month.

In a normal circumstance, the President would have to submit the treaty to Congress for approval.

The Constitution requires that two-thirds of the Senate vote to ratify any international treaty in order for it to become law.

But Obama has no intention of submitting the Paris climate agreement to Congress as a treaty. The worst kept secret of the entire process is that the climate accord was deliberately designed to not have to be ratified by the United States Congress.

France’s former-Foreign Minister, one of the country’s Socialist Party leaders, explained last year during a press conference that “we know the politics in the United States” and that “if it comes to the [United States] Congress, they will refuse.”

So, the climate agreement was deliberately designed not to need Congressional ratification.

Isn’t this absolutely shameful?

The United States government conspired with a French Socialist to circumvent the Constitution and force an international agreement onto the American people without Congressional approval…

This is what we are up against…

Obama is openly violating the constitution and the law! FaxBlast and DEMAND that they block this lawlessness from moving forward!

What the President is doing is unconstitutional. What the President is doing is illegal. Period.

The Constitution requires that all international treaties and agreements be ratified by two thirds of the Senate in order for it to become US law.

But that’s not what Obama is doing. He is signing and committing the United States to this agreement without Congress.

Obama did this on the UN Arms Trade Treaty when Congress refused to pass his gun control agenda. Now he’s doing it with the UN Climate Change Agreement.

You MUST stop this!

Enough is enough! Don’t let Obama circumvent the Constitution to surrender our sovereignty to the UN! FaxBlast and force Congress to intervene and block this lawlessness!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily