Fellow Conservative,

Over the past week, we have focused on a number of American soldiers who are wrongfully imprisoned. We focused on Lt. Clint Lorance, an American soldier imprisoned in Leavenworth for 20 years because he did everything he could to protect his men in Afghanistan.

Then, we ran an expose on the tragedy of Amir Hekmati, a Marine veteran who has been imprisoned in Iran for more than 1,200 DAYS!

Well, I am writing you to tell you that Obama took action to force the release of a few prisoners.

No, he didn’t help any of our imprisoned Americans. Instead, he released FOUR more terrorists from Guantanamo Bay and sent them back to Afghanistan… no strings attached!

You see, normally, the administration requires that released GITMO terrorists be placed into terrorist “rehabilitation” programs. God only knows if these programs actually work, but at least the White House was trying to give us the illusion of security.

Well, this time, they just sent them back to Afghanistan without any probation, rehabilitation, or even monitoring. They are now free to rejoin the fight and start killing Americans again!

Force Congress to STOP Obama from just releasing these dangerous Guantanamo Bay terrorists!

These terrorists aren’t innocent… they were caught red-handed in Afghanistan. We know what they were accused of because all of these terrorists’ files were released onto Wikileaks.

Obama just released a terrorist named Shawali Khan. In October of 2008, the Pentagon released a report stating that “if released without rehabilitation, close supervision, and means to successfully reintegrate into his society as a law-abiding citizen, it is assessed detainee would probably seek out prior associates and reengage in hostilities and extremist support activities.”

So what did Pres. Barack Hussein Obama do? He released him without any mandatory rehabilitation or supervision!

The Obama Regime isn’t releasing innocent men… They are spitting on our servicemen and women by releasing DANGEROUS detainees back into a war zone. No strings attached, no questions asked. This dangerous Taliban fighter will be back on the front lines by Christmas.

Military Intelligence arrived at the same conclusion for the other two detainees, Abdul Ghani and Khi Ali Gul. The Pentagon concluded that if they were released, they would take up arms and rejoin the fight against America.

The reports warn that if given the opportunity, they will kill again.

Barack H. Obama doesn’t seem to care. While American soldiers remain wrongfully locked up here in the U.S. and abroad, the only thing our illustrious Commander-in-Chief seems interested in is sending Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters back to join the fight!

This is treason!

Demand that Congress STOP this spineless regime from releasing hardened terrorists without ANY conditions!

Here we have four high-level Taliban and Al-Qaeda detainees that are being released back into Afghanistan to rejoin the fight.

Even though the intelligence and psychological profiles warned the administration NOT to release these terrorists, Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t care.

This has to be stopped! He is just letting these hardened terrorists free to rejoin the fight!

There are no monitoring or surveillance requirements, no rehabilitation programs. These men are going to get off a plane in Afghanistan and be handed an AK-47. All with Barack Obama’s blessing.

There are more than 130 terrorists left in Guantanamo Bay. Each detainee is more dangerous than the last.

President Obama has promised to release these terrorists regardless of how dangerous they are. It is our job as Americans to stop him!

No more released terrorists! Force your Congressman and Senators to stop this lunacy!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily