Fellow Conservative,

You know the story about Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland, the Bronze Star recipient and Army Green Beret who was discharged from the army earlier this year for taking a stand and confronting a confessed serial child rapist in Afghanistan.

It wasn’t just anyone, either… The man was a local Afghan police commander.

You see, a local mother had come to Martland’s unit and begged them to do something about the police chief who kidnapped and raped her young son.

When Sgt. Martland confronted the police officer and asked whether he was abusing young boys, the Afghan laughed in his face and dared him to do something about it.

Sgt. Martland lost his temper. He put his hands on the police officer and pushed him over. Still, that is no excuse to kick this decorated hero out of the military.

The Army granted Martland an emergency appeal, but they are now just days away from denying him and kicking him out of the military for this!

Don’t let the Army do this to this American hero! Draw your line in the sand and demand that Congress reinstate Charles Martland!

They don’t care that Sgt. Martland received a Bronze Star for valor. They don’t care that he spent 11 years fighting for this country.

All these career bureaucrats care about is that Martland has a blemish on his record.

The sad truth is that the Obama administration hasn’t done a thing. President Obama could put a stop to this. All he has to do is make a call.

Unfortunately, Sgt. Martland’s plight has fallen on deaf ears in the White House.

The Pentagon granted Martland an emergency appeal. His time is almost up. In just a matter of days, they will deny his appeal and that will be the end. That leaves Congress as the last chance to save this hero’s military career.

Weeks ago, Congressional Republicans introduced House Resolution 451, an effort to force the Army to reinstate Sgt. Martland.There is still time to pass this resolution and put a stop to this madness.

There are now 43 Congressmen who have signed on and cosponsored this common-sense resolution. Every day, more Congressmen sign on.

Now is the time to strike! Sgt. Martland’s last-ditch appeal is just days away. If he loses his appeal and Congress does nothing, then it’s over.

You CANNOT allow that to happen!

Don’t let the Obama administration get away with this! Demand that Congress pass H. Res. 451 and force the Army to reinstate Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland!

The Obama administration’s true colors have been revealed. By even considering discharging this hero, the administration and Pentagon have proven that they care more about the rights of Afghan child rapists than distinguished American heroes.

H.Res 451 is quite literally the most common-sense piece of legislation ever written in Congress. It essentially has 4 major points.

(1) Members of the United States Armed Forces should not be punished for standing up to child rapists;

(2) Putting the interests of Afghan rapists ahead of American war heroes is a national disgrace;

(3) The Americans who should be punished are those who created and condone the immoral and reprehensible policy that encourages members of the Armed Forces to ignore child rape; and

(4) The Secretary of Defense should immediately order the reinstatement of Sergeant First Class Charles Martland as a member of the Army.

Anyone who opposes this resolution has no business serving in any capacity.

We have a chance to change the course of our national history. If we do nothing, then we will send a clear message to this administration, and future administrations, that they can get away with punishing American heroes like this.

That is unacceptable.

If you won’t stand to fight for Sgt. Martland, then who will?

We’re running out of time! FaxBlast Congress now and force them to pass H. Res. 451 to reinstate Sgt. Martland into the Army!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily