Fellow American,

I’m not going to resort to fear mongering. I’m not going to tell you that life as we know it is over or that the sky is falling. But the facts are the facts. What is happening in Dallas, Texas is serious and we are still vulnerable.

Thomas Eric Duncan, a man from Liberia, has been diagnosed with Ebola in a Dallas-area hospital.

First, we were told it was just the one man. Next, the CDC admitted that Mr. Duncan might have encountered a dozen or so people when he was contagious. Then we learned that Mr. Duncan came into contact with school children.

Now, the CDC is telling us that they’re monitoring EIGHTY people that may have come into contact with Mr. Duncan when he was contagious.

(EDIT: At the time of publication, the number of people under observation in Texas has grown to at least 100)

President Obama claimed just a week ago that it was “unlikely” that Ebola would ever come to America. Apparently the rumors that Obama doesn’t attend 60% of his intelligence briefings is true because CDC and National Institute of Health officials have been giving interviews, saying that it was only a matter of time before this happened…

Obviously, Obama was wrong. The fact that a Liberian man could hop on a plane during this epidemic and even come to the United States is ridiculous

But instead of taking action, the Obama administration just refused to stop flights into the United States from countries with Ebola epidemics!

Why is Barack Obama putting Americans at risk? Tell Congress to STOP all flights into the United States from Ebola-ridden countries!

It really is that simple.

Foreigners do not have a right to come to the United States. Every foreign citizen who gets off a plane on U.S. soil does so with our permission.

Now, I know this might come as a shock to President Obama, given his affinity for opening our borders and laying down the welcome mat… but we as a country have the COMPLETE authority to stop inbound flights from West Africa!

And we MUST exercise that right!

Why would we risk it? Why would we ever risk allowing a disease into our country knowing that it has up to a NINETY PERCENT mortality rate???

If you think that this is the first and last we see of Ebola on U.S. soil, then I have some oceanfront property in Arizona I’d like to sell you…


We know that the incubation period for Ebola can be as high as 21-days. That’s a three-week period where infected individuals show absolutely no symptoms and can board an airplane without being detected.

So, think about this for a second. Suppose you are a foreign citizen who becomes infected with Ebola in West Africa. Suppose you did what Thomas Duncan did… Suppose you carried an infected person to the hospital and had a good idea that you had become infected as well.

What would you do? Would you stay in Liberia or Sierra Leone to face certain death?

Or would you sell all your possessions, buy an airline ticket, and fly to the United States where you have a chance of survival?

I would choose the latter and I think that anyone able to come here would definitely try to, either legally through air travel or illegally across our open border.

Any sane and logical person with the funds to get to the United States would try if they knew they were infected!

And because we have such a politically correct President, we are leaving the door open to exactly this type of scenario!

Why is Barack Obama putting Americans at risk? Tell Congress to STOP all flights into the United States from Ebola-ridden countries!

Flights from Liberia to the United States last approximately 18 hours. Right now, the ONLY safeguard we have in place is a thermometer temperature reading when passengers first get on the airplane.

What’s to say an individual doesn’t become symptomatic in-flight and infect others around him? What’s to say that the thermometers don’t provide less-than-perfect readings and allow someone sick to slip through?

I don’t care whether these hypotheticals are unlikely. The President said it was “unlikely” Ebola would ever reach our shores. Well, that just happened!

I don’t care how “unlikely” these scenarios are. We shouldn’t have to settle with “unlikely…” If Obama had a spine, he’d stop flights in from West Africa and prevent people with West-African passports from entering the U.S. all together, at least for a few months.

We have the ability to ensure that this disease does not cross the Atlantic and infect Americans. We have the tools, the technology, and the power to ensure no American ever has to worry about their family being infected with Ebola.

But Obama is too much of a coward to do everything necessary to protect this country. The President is too politically correct to stop more infected people from entering the United States from West Africa…

We can’t change the fact that one Liberian already snuck through… but Congress can ensure that Thomas Eric Duncan is the first and LAST Ebola victim to get into America!

Why is Barack Obama putting Americans at risk? Tell Congress to STOP all flights into the United States from Ebola-ridden countries!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily