Dear Conservative,

The White House is in full cover-up mode, claiming that the President of the United States only learned about the scandal rocking the Department of Veterans Affairs when he learned about it in the news.

As you might remember, Barack Obama claimed the same thing when the IRS scandal broke. He also promised to do everything in his power to bring those administration officials responsible to justice. Yet today, Lois Lerner still has not been compelled to testify and the DOJ has yet to prosecute her for being held in Contempt of Congress.

So forgive me if I don’t believe a word that Barack H. Obama says when he is in damage control. While I suspect that he had prior knowledge of the IRS scandal before it broke, we now know for a FACT that Obama was notified of the VA scheduling fraud in 2008 when he was transitioning into the Presidency.

That’s right; thanks to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, it has been revealed that Barack Obama was briefed on the “improper scheduling” scheme after he won the election and was preparing to enter office. He absolutely knew that this was going on five years ago… that our military veterans were being denied timely medical care… and he still did NOTHING!

The President is lying to the American people, claiming that he learned about the Veterans Affairs scandal from the news media. These newly released documents, however, prove that to be an indisputable LIE! It is unacceptable for the President of the United States – the Commander-in-Chief – to turn his back on our military veterans! The buck stops with you, Mr. President, and you must answer for your decision to ignore the plight of our military veterans!

Tell Congress that Barack Obama knew about the Veterans Affairs scandal in 2008, but he chose to do nothing about it!

Who does the Obama administration think they are kidding? They are actually claiming ignorance on this matter when they were briefed on it six years ago and the President even campaigned on reducing the VA backlog in 2007.

What is going on in the Department of Veterans Affairs is absolutely staggering. The number of hospitals now involved in this scandal has grown to EIGHT!

The Obama administration hoped that it could treat this scandal like it does every other one: fire a mid-level staffer, claim ignorance of the whole matter, and promise to fix the problems without ever actually doing anything. This formula has worked in the past to shield the President from scandals. But now, the White House-of-Cards is finally starting to topple over. Not only did administration officials know about this impropriety within the VA years ago, but Barack Obama was actually briefed on this issue long before it hit the headlines.

To attempt to change history and feign ignorance is absolutely unacceptable!

Whether this is a cover-up or just an example of gross, monumental executive incompetence, the Obama administration failed our veterans and lied to try to cover it up! To claim ignorance of the scandal rocking the VA when the President was specifically briefed on the issue shows just how stupid the White House thinks we are.

They expect us just to accept their narrative. Barack Hussein Obama campaigned as a clairvoyant, hands-on politician who promised to tackle issues personally and directly. As a presidential candidate, there wasn’t a topic or policy proposal that he wasn’t well versed in. As a President, however, Barack Obama has become one of the most ignorant leaders our country has ever seen.

Here you have a cut-and-dry case of the administration lying to the American people about the President’s knowledge of and involvement in a political scandal. Even worse is the fact that this gross misconduct and ignorance led to the deaths of dozens of sick and injured military veterans… all because they were forced to wait months for a doctor’s appointment because government bureaucrats were more interested in receiving bonuses than actually caring for these men and women in uniform!

When the IRS scandal broke last year, the White House claimed that the President had no idea what was going on and that it was an isolated incident in Cincinnati. That turned out to be a complete and utter lie. Now, with the VA scandal, the White House has once again tried to paint it as an isolated incident in one Phoenix, AZ Veterans Affairs hospital and Jay Carney has claimed that the President knew nothing about any of this.

With the scandal now spreading to a total of EIGHT VA hospitals and released documents proving the White House narrative to be a complete lie, what is the solution to this? What are the American people supposed to do when their own President continuously misleads the country on his involvement in political scandals? How can we obtain justice for the veterans who died as a result of this incompetence while simultaneously ensuring that it never happens again?

These are complicated questions, but one thing that is for certain is that the Obama administration is the problem here, not the solution.

When the IRS scandal broke, the DOJ put a long-time Obama donor and supporter in charge of the investigation. Now, with the scandal rocking the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Obama administration has once again put a White House aide in charge of overseeing the investigation into the scandal. The administration is in full cover-up mode!

I am TIRED of watching the White House lie to us! We never get to the bottom of these scandals because the administration is continuously allowed to investigate and police itself. Enough is enough! Congress has the authority to intervene and it must do so! The American people deserve the truth and the White House has proven time and time again that it lacks the capacity to deliver that to the American people!

Tell Congress that Barack Obama knew about the Veterans Affairs scandal in 2008, but he chose to do nothing about it!

Yes, this is an impeachable offense on many levels. The VA scandal has the potential to drag down Barack Obama’s entire administration.

The White House lied to the American people, claiming that the President knew nothing about the scandal when in fact, he was briefed on the situation when he was transitioning into the Presidency. I’d say that is impeachable!

Even knowing the huge backlog within the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Obama administration still failed to intervene and prevent dozens of veterans from dying from preventable diseases while waiting months to see a doctor. I’d say that is impeachable!

Whether it is Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, or President Barack Obama himself, someone has to be punished for the administration’s lies and ineptitude surrounding this scandal. This isn’t a joke. This isn’t political theater. People actually died as a result of this administration’s gross incompetence. Men and women who served their country in the armed forces died because of this widespread negligence.

Have you had enough of the White House policing itself? Congress must intervene and launch its own investigation into the VA scandal before the Obama administration is able to cover its tracks. We owe that much to the families of the brave veterans who have had to suffer under this administration. We owe them the truth and a promise that this will never happen again!

Tell Congress that Barack Obama knew about the Veterans Affairs scandal in 2008, but he chose to do nothing about it!


Joe Otto