Obama holdover officials in the State Department are continuing to block Congress’ attempts to obtain Hillary Clinton’s emails and records.

As you know, the FBI recovered thousands of emails recovered off of Hillary Clinton’s email server. These were emails that Clinton’s staffers tried desperately to destroy from the public record.

Some of them have been released to the public and some were redacted for containing classified information. Even more work related documents were completely withheld from the public and Congress.

Now, Congressman Jason Chaffetz is making good on his promise. He has spent the past few weeks filing the proper requests at the State Dept. for documentation. But a small handful of Obama holdovers in the Department are stymying Chaffetz’s attempts.

They’re using every rule and technicality in the book to withhold these hidden emails.

Now, Chaffetz and others are making a push to formally subpoena these records. But the GOP establishment and Demorats are frantically trying to block him from moving forward.

He needs your help!

Send your message to Congress demanding that they hold every single one of these Obama holdovers in Contempt of Congress for hiding Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails.

It really is simple.

Hillary Clinton tried to destroy emails that were already subpoenaed by the United States Congress. We know that Clinton staffers held a conference call with the company maintaining the servers and within hours, the hard drives were wiped clean.

Then, the FBI seized the servers and was able to recover thousands of emails that the Clintons wanted destroyed. Many of them were deemed work related.

Now a small group of Obama loyalists are blocking those emails from being released to Congress.

This is completely unacceptable.

The Trump White House is working around the clock to sniff out the Obama loyalists. They’ll get them eventually.

But right now, Congress needs to finish what it started.

They subpoenaed these records, Hillary Clinton illegally destroyed them, and now they’re sitting on a government computer just a 3 miles away from the Capitol Building.

There are no more excuses…

Lock them up. Send your FaxBlast to Congress and demand that they hold all of these Obama and Clinton loyalists in Contempt for withholding subpoenaed evidence!

This isn’t about locking Hillary up (though that would be nice). This is about getting to the truth. A cabinet official skirted Federal records keeping laws, mishandled Classified information, and destroyed lawfully subpoenaed evidence.

Now her allies in the State Department are trying to make sure the recovered evidence never sees the light of day.

Not on our watch.

When documents are subpoenaed, the suspect has a legal obligation to maintain the records. If they are caught destroying or altering subpoenaed documents, then burden of proof shifts and it’s assumed they were hiding something. This is called spoliation of evidence.

Congress has every right to seize these documents and to hold the bureaucrats hiding them accountable. But that has to start with you!

Don’t let them get away with this. Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and force them to hold all of these Obama/Clinton loyalists in Contempt!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily

(Yes, the word Democrats is missing a “c” on purpose…)