Dear Conservative,

Barack Obama has had a busy couple of weeks. First, he was jetting around the world trying to salvage a failing foreign policy. Then, upon return to the U.S., President Obama gave a speech at the White House celebrating how the Affordable Care Act is redistributing the nation’s wealth.

The Media has been following Obama everywhere, recording his every move and comment over the past week or so. There was one thing that Obama said, however, that the media almost entirely failed to report on. This wasn’t on any of the cable news shows and I didn’t see it in any of the newspapers…

While in Belgium meeting with European leaders, Barack Obama issued a press statement promising to work with his European counterparts to fully implement the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty!

That’s right, this horrible treaty is still alive and well and Barack Hussein Obama has promised to continue to pursue “non-proliferation, disarmament and arms control” and to work with his allies to make sure that the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty is entered into force this year!

This is not a joke. After speaking with European officials for an entire day, Barack Obama pledged his support for the full implementation of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. Didn’t see that on the news, did you? Even when the President is abroad, he is still trying to take away your right to keep and bear arms! This is unconstitutional, this is un-American, and it is also worthy of IMPEACHMENT!

Tell Congress it must STOP Barack Obama from unconstitutionally implementing the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty and infringing on our God-given right to keep and bear arms! Doing this without Congressional approval is an impeachable offense!

This President promised to go around Congress in his executive order “year of action,” however I never thought that he would conspire with foreign leaders to illegally implement a gun control treaty without Congressional approval!

Don’t think for one minute that the U.N. Arms Treaty is dead. As long as Barack Obama has anything to do with it, the treaty will have a future.

Last year, a bipartisan majority of U.S. Senators passed a resolution condemning the U.N. Arms Treaty and refusing to approve it if the treaty ever reached the Senate for ratification. The Senate voted 53-46 in opposition to the treaty.

The United States Constitution was deliberately designed in order to spread governmental power across the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the Federal government. This was an attempt to limit the capacity for tyranny. While the founders recognized that a strong Executive was essential, this authority was to be balanced by a powerful judiciary and legislature. Even though the President is still elected through the Electoral College, the importance of popular opinion was not lost on our nation’s founders. James Madison wrote that for liberty, “it is particularly essential that the [Congress] should have an immediate dependence on, and an intimate sympathy with the People.” This is exactly why, even with all the enumerated executive powers, the Congress is still given authority over issues like declarations of war, taxation, and the ratification of treaties.


The Constitution was the first document of its kind, anywhere in the world, to recognize that governmental power is derived from the consent of the governed. Rather than impose restrictions on the populace, the United States Constitution deliberately limits what the government is authorized to do.

Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution gives the President the “Power, by and with Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur.” In Federalist #64, John Jay writes that it is important “not only that the power of making treaties should be committed to able and honest men, but also that they should continue in place a sufficient time to become perfectly acquainted with our national concerns.” While the Founders completely believed that the House of Representatives would better read the pulse of American popular opinion, they deliberately chose to give the power of treaty ratification to the longer-tenured Senate in order to “obviate the inconvenience of periodically transferring those great affairs entirely to new men.”

So, 53 Senators voted against the treaty. It is essentially impossible for the President to get the 2/3 vote necessary to constitutionally turn the treaty into U.S.  law. Yet, when Obama received news of this defeat, what did he do? He instructed John Kerry to sign the treaty anyway! Knowing full well that he lacked Congressional support, Barack Obama had Kerry sign the treaty anyway… Why? Because they both believed it is “in the interest of the United States.” What a disgrace!

Last week, while gallivanting around the world, Obama met with European Leaders and all parties agreed that the implementation of the treaty should be a priority! If this treaty is illegally implemented here in the United States, it could lead to registration and import controls for all civilian owned firearms! Congress must put an end to this treachery! If Barack Obama refuses to obey the Constitution and attempts to disarm the American people, he must be removed from office!

Tell Congress it must STOP Barack Obama from unconstitutionally implementing the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty and infringing on our God-given right to keep and bear arms! Doing this without Congressional approval is an impeachable offense!

Obama knows that he can’t push gun control through Congress, so he is trying to seize this opportunity to push for GLOBAL gun control!

In addition to outlawing the illicit transfer of tanks and combat aircraft, the Arms Trade Treaty also prohibits the international sale of “small arms” if there is a belief that they could be used in “attacks directed against civilian objects.” The law also instructs states to modernize their attempts to track and register domestic firearms as well! While the treaty’s stated goal is to prevent genocide and war crimes, it also explicitly prohibits the export of firearms if they could be used in attacks on civilians or civilian buildings such as schools and hospitals. Without a doubt, the United States has suffered recently from a string of shootings against schools and other soft targets. However, these are outliers, not representative of the norm.

In order to stop these vicious attacks against soft targets, we must deal with mental health issues head-on instead of treating them as taboo and we must repeal laws like the Gun Free School Zone Act of 1990 that disarm Americans and leave them vulnerable to mass shootings in public. However, Barack Obama isn’t interested in actually solving the problems. Instead of empowering Americans to defend themselves, he has continually pushed for disarmament at every level!

In the President’s own words, anyone who opposes his disarmament strategy is deliberately trying to arm dangerous individuals. Make no mistake: the administration isn’t just trying to disarm dangerous individuals. The Left’s dragnet gun control strategy is designed to disarm everyone because according to them, all armed citizens are potential criminals!

Barack Obama has stared into the camera and blamed law abiding gun owners for tragedies like the one that happened in Newtown, Connecticut. It is apparently OUR fault that a crazed individual decided to shoot up a school… This is how the Left responds to tragedies like this. Rather than target actual criminals, their first action is to punish everyone who had nothing to do with the crime!

Obama’s push to illegally and unconstitutionally implement the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty proves that this President will stop at nothing until the American people are disarmed and government is able to monopolize the use of force!

It is blatantly unconstitutional for the President to implement a treaty that has not met the 2/3 threshold in the Senate. But, when was the last time that President Obama cared about those pesky “constitutional limitations?” This is, without a doubt, an impeachable offense! For the President of the United States to conspire with foreign leaders to implement a treaty without Congressional approval is an abomination and disgraceful!

Congress must put an end to this treachery and if Barack Obama continues to implement the treaty anyway, he must be IMPEACHED!!

Tell Congress it must STOP Barack Obama from unconstitutionally implementing the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty and infringing on our God-given right to keep and bear arms! Doing this without Congressional approval is an impeachable offense!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily