While the GOP is fighting over who to install as the next Speaker of the House, President Obama is quietly laying the groundwork for what will be the largest seizure of power in American history.

Obama is set to meet with world leaders in Paris in just a few weeks to cede American autonomy over to the United Nations’ climate change agenda.

Time and time again, Barack Obama has proven that when Congress won’t give him what he wants, he will push his agenda through the United Nations.

The Constitution and the law require that Obama put whatever treaty emerges up for a ratification vote in Congress. He just announced he won’t.

Just like he used the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty to circumvent Congress to enact stricter gun control, the President is doing the same with the 2015 U.N. Climate Change Conference. He must be stopped.

Don’t let Obama enact this radical U.N. climate agenda! Demand that Congress stop him by any means necessary!

The President is far from the political amateur he was when he took office. Over the last 7 years, he has figured out new and creative ways to shred the constitution and get what he wants through executive action.

Gun control? Check.

Amnesty for illegal aliens? Check.

Conceding to Iran without Congressional approval? Check.

Now, the President is doing the same with so-called “climate change.”

The President and his allies don’t care about you or your families. They could care less whether their actions make it harder for you to feed your family. And the real kicker is that every single thing on Obama’s agenda is unconstitutional.

The United States Constitution dictates that any treaty must receive a 2/3 vote in the Senate in order to it to be ratified. That’s not a suggestion… That’s not a guideline… That’s the LAW!

To say that Barack Obama doesn’t have the votes would be an understatement. Obama doesn’t have nearly enough votes in Congress to pass his radical climate change agenda. Not even close. Yet, the Constitution dictates that Obama MUST put a treaty up for a vote before it can become U.S. Law.

But – surprise, surprise – Barack H. Obama isn’t going to follow the Constitution! He is going to help enact a U.N. climate change treaty on his own!

Obama knows if he puts this climate change agenda to a vote, it will fail. So instead of obeying the Constitution and accepting defeat, the President is going to amend a climate treaty ratified in 1992 to create a politically binding “accord” that will force his climate change agenda not only on Americans, but the rest of the planet!

Obama is deliberately going around Congress in order to force the United Nations’ radical climate change agenda on YOU! This is going to be worse than Agenda 21!

Raise your voice and demand that Congress STOP Obama from trampling on the Constitution and implementing the United Nations’ radical climate change agenda!

We all believe in clean air and water. I don’t know anyone who likes pollution.

But we are a country of laws. The President of the United States does not have the authority to push through radical climate change like this. Obama has admitted that he plans to levy more taxes on small businesses and hike the energy prices on low-to-middle income Americans struggling to get by. This is unacceptable.

Obama has a meeting today to discuss the roll-out of the U.N. Climate Treaty. We are literally running out of time!

If you don’t rise up and demand that Congress puts a stop to this out-of-control President, it’s over.

If the President is allowed to stomp on the Constitution and circumvent Congress to sign this bogus climate treaty, then we don’t have a republic anymore. We will have a dictatorship.

You can do this! Click and tell Congress to stop Obama’s treachery once and for all!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily