Fellow Conservative,

Remember Operation Fast & Furious? The failed Obama DOJ/ATF program that deliberately gave Mexican drug cartels weapons in order to get “evidence” for new gun control?

The White House just defied a judge’s orders to hand over documents related to the program.

You see, when it became obvious that the Department of Justice had broken the law, President Obama used what is known as “executive privilege” to keep the documents classified and away from Congress and the public. This is how Obama protected former-Attorney General Eric Holder from prosecution.

It has taken years, but just last month a Federal judge ruled that the White House exceeded its authority in using executive privilege to classify the documents. Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled that Obama had no right to keep these documents from Congress.

She imposed a February 2nd deadline for the government to hand over the documents. The White House ignored the court order.

Congress has demanded the papers… a Federal court has demanded the papers… it is time for We the People to demand the papers!

Obama administration officials committed crimes. Force Congress to seize these F&F documents, by force if necessary, in compliance with the court ruling!

They found a .50 caliber sniper rifle connected to Operation Fast & Furious in El Chapo’s compound when they caught him.

These guns are not only connected to the killing of US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry but also connected to countless innocent Mexican deaths and multiple American gang shootings.

Everyone always mentions Brian Terry, and rightly so, but he is not the only life lost because of this administration’s actions.

The American people deserve to know the truth. The American people deserve to know why the Obama administration thought it was so necessary to let Mexican drug cartels walk away with thousands of firearms.

And the American people deserve to know what is so damaging in these papers that Obama thought it necessary to use the same classification tool used by Pres. Richard Nixon to try to hide his role in the Watergate scandal… Make no mistake, these papers were hidden in order to protect administration officials from prosecution.

Congress subpoenaed the documents, the White House used Executive Privilege to hide them, and a Federal court overruled the administration. It’s game over. Now it’s just time to force Congress to seize these papers!

Don’t let Obama get away with this! Force Congress to SEIZE the Fast & Furious documents from the Obama administration by any means necessary!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily