Fellow Conservative,

This is unbelievable. Right now, hundreds of thousands of Muslim Middle Eastern refugees are poised to invade Europe. They are coming by boat and by train.

The vast majority of these “refugees” are fighting-aged males (72% of all the refugees are men) and despite what the media is claiming, 47% of them aren’t even from Syria…

Europe has absolutely no idea who these people are. Before the refugees reach a border checkpoint, the dump all of their papers. When they get to the EU border, the ‘refugees’ claim to be Syrian and say that their birthday is January 1st.

These are ‘refugees’ that pelt train passengers with rocks while walking along train tracks and make beheading hand gestures when the TV news crews show up.

They come to Europe by boat and the first thing they do is whip out their expensive smart phones and start taking selfies. The young boy who washed up on shore and became the face of the refugee crisis wasn’t fleeing violence. His father wanted to get his teeth fixed in Europe.

The whole thing is a sham. But now, Barack H. Obama is making plans to take more of these refugees into our country!

Do NOT let Obama bring these migrants to the United States! Tell Congress to STOP him from increasing our refugee quota!

Even Obama’s State Department admits that some of the Syrian “refugees” are actually terrorists trying to slip through. The fact that the majority of the refugees are men of fighting age all but guarantees terrorists are among the crowds.

So why on Earth is President Obama opening the door for tens of thousands of potential terrorists to come to the United States?

Remember, just last year the President relaxed the prohibition on terrorist supporters coming to the United States. Before, anyone who contributed to a terrorist cause was barred from entering the United States. With a stroke of the pen, the President opened the door for these terrorist sympathizers.

But now, we’re beyond that. Now, the President is just going to let them in.

We already take in up to70,000 refugees a year. But Germany just announced it would take in half a million refugees a year, so Obama wants to up the ante…

What is even more unbelievable is the fact that Congress is letting this happen. Both the House of Representatives and Senate got back from vacation yesterday. There are a lot of issues on the agenda, but stopping Obama from bring tens of thousands of Muslim refugees here doesn’t seem to be one of the agenda items.

It’s all over the news. These Muslim migrants are literally destroying the fabric of the communities they are settling in.

If Obama lets them in, it’s over. Don’t let the President change the law to bring more Middle Eastern refugees here!

Do NOT let Obama bring these migrants to the United States! Tell Congress to STOP him from increasing our refugee quota!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily