Fellow Conservative,

This time, Obama has gone too far.

It is public knowledge that Barack Obama believes in international law more than he believes in the Constitution. We knew this when Eric Holder argued before the Supreme Court that international law should trump the Constitution... We knew this when Obama had John Kerry sign the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty despite overwhelming Congressional opposition...

But believe it or not, this takes the cake. 

There are reports circulating that instead of having Congress approve the forthcoming nuclear treaty with Iran (as the Constitution demands), the President will instead put it to a vote in the United Nations.


Don't let Obama circumvent the Constitution! Tell Congress to STOP this treaty from going to the U.N. instead of the Senate as the Constitution requires!

The Constitution requires that all international treaties receive a two-thirds vote in the United States Senate before becoming law in this country. The President knows that the treaty, as he envisions it, has no chance of passing in the GOP-controlled Senate.

This week, Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that the deal they are working on with Iran will not be 'legally binding.' There won't be any 'teeth' in place to stop Iran from creating a nuclear weapon. This isn't about stopping Iran from getting the bomb. If it was, the agreement would be designed to achieve that.

Instead, this is nothing but an attempt by the Obama administration to illegally roll back Congressionally-approved sanctions.

But for the administration to even consider putting the agreement to a vote in the United Nations instead of the United States Congress is treasonous.

That's right, I said it! The Constitution requires a 2/3 vote in the Senate for a reason. One man should NOT be allowed to create law. Whether it is by executive order or by sidestepping Congress through the United Nations, President Obama doesn't have the authority to create law on his own.

Forget about the open letter penned by Tom Cotton and 46 other U.S. Senators. There has been a lot of talk about charging these brave Republican Senators with treason. The reality is that the Constitution explicitly protects Congressional speech and all they did was remind Obama and Iran that the Constitution requires treaties be ratified by the Senate in order to be legally binding.

The real scandal is that the Commander in Chief would even contemplate this treachery. Since Obama has refused to put it to a vote in the Senate, the agreement isn't technically a treaty. What the GOP did was remind Obama that when he leaves office, they will be able to revoke his deal with Iran.

So instead, the Obama administration is going to put it to a vote at the United Nations.

This is shameful. Obama is so consumed by hubris that he will stop at nothing to preserve his legacy, even if it means going against the American people and their best interests! And all this coming from a man who allegedly taught Constitutional law...

What the President is doing is unconstitutional. Congress has given him more than enough opportunities to stop what he is doing and follow the law. Each time, the President doubles-down on his lawlessness.

The dangers are two-fold. On the one hand, we have a President trying to unilaterally roll-back Congressionally approved sanctions to make it easier for the Islamic Republic of Iran to build a nuclear warhead.

But to accomplish this, the President is shredding the Constitution by using the United Nations to circumvent Congress and illegally implement this nuclear agreement.

If Obama's plan is allowed to move forward, it would have a devastating effect on the Republic. We cannot allow this to happen!

Don't let Obama circumvent the Constitution! Tell Congress to STOP this treaty from going to the U.N. instead of the Senate as the Constitution requires!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily