Dear Conservatives,

The Obama administration is working with environmentalists to impose the United Nations’ new climate change agenda on the American people without going through Congress!

We have been monitoring this for weeks and the Obama administration’s push to impose a globalist climate agenda on the country just took an interesting turn…

The White House is looking to make a move on climate change, especially now that the Kyoto Protocol has expired. The President wants to implement a radical climate agenda and punish American businesses in order to “save the environment.”

The only problem is that there is no way on earth that Obama could get the Senate to approve a new climate change treaty. Article 2, Section 2 of the Constitution requires that the Senate ratify any treaty with a two-thirds vote before it becomes U.S. Law. The votes just aren’t there to ratify a new climate change treaty and Obama knows it.

So he is going around Congress. The President is ignoring the Constitution and using a technicality to sign an agreement without going through Congress!

Tell Congress that it absolutely MUST stop Obama from circumventing Congress and the Constitution to illegally enact his climate change agenda!

Instead of signing a climate change treaty, the Obama administration is going to push for a legally-binding climate change accord. This technicality, as small as it may seem, will give the Obama administration the power to enact and enforce the U.N.’s climate change agenda without even having Congress vote on it!

The key phrase here is “legally-binding.” Even though the Constitution requires that 2/3 of all Senators vote to ratify a treaty before it becomes law, under this new scheme, the Obama administration will still have the authority to enforce the U.N.’s agenda anyway.

When it comes to domestic implementation, the Democrats have an additional strategy. Not only have administration officials promised to use the Environmental Protection Agency to enforce new emissions restrictions, but government bureaucrats have allegedly begun teaming up with environmentalist groups to push the President’s climate change agenda through the court system!

This is how the Obama administration operates… The President knows he can’t get his radical agenda through Congress so he is using every technicality to enact his scheme through other means.

Since Harry Reid used the “Nuclear Option” to change the Senate rules to disallow filibusters for Obama’s appointees, the Democrats have been able to stack the federal appellate court system with liberal activist judges.

And now, liberals plan to use the Obama administration’s climate accord signature to force American businesses to comply with the agenda!

This is the United States. We have a system of government built around a Constitution, which limits what each branch of government can and cannot do.

The Obama administration CANNOT be allowed to implement an international climate change agenda by side-stepping Congress! This is happening right now. This President is working around the clock to unconstitutionally implement a new climate change agenda.

The Democrats are expecting this just to get lost in the shuffle… They completely anticipate that they’ll be able to push through this radical climate change agenda without facing any opposition…

That’s where they’re wrong! You can put a stop to this!

Only you can force Congress to put an end to Obama’s unconstitutional climate change power-grab!

Tell Congress that it absolutely MUST stop Obama from circumventing Congress and the Constitution to illegally enact his climate change agenda!

I’ve had enough of this unconstitutional President,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily