Fellow Conservative,

Last month, Barack Obama lamented that Iran isn’t living up to the “spirit” of the nuclear agreement. He is becoming an excellent actor.

This week we learned that this was just another lie designed to deceive the American public.

Over the weekend, one of Obama’s top advisors admitted publicly that the administration lied to the American people (shock) in order to gain support for the President’s nuclear deal with Iran.

Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes admitted in a recent New York Times interview that the administration was able to deceive and trick the media into doing the President’s bidding. White House reporters, Rhodes told the interviewer, “literally know nothing.”

For example, in April of 2015, Rhodes was interviewed on CNN and said that the Iranian nuclear deal would give inspectors 24/7 anytime, anywhere inspection rights. That was a complete lie and even though he is on tape, the White House is now claiming that they never promised such things.

Lies, lies, lies...

Yesterday, the Islamic Republic of Iran successfully tested another medium-range ballistic missile designed to deliver a nuclear payload and capable of hitting American forces in the region. They have perfected the design. They launched the missile from a facility that nuclear inspectors have no right to inspect.

The White House is in complete damage control trying to roll back Obama’s advisor’s admission. But yesterday, White House Spokesperson Josh Earnest refused to swear that no one in the Administration lied to the American people. He was asked point-blank whether he could categorically say that no one in the administration deceived the American people and Earnest responded, "no." Truly amazing...

Late last year, Congress passed a tepid bill that levied new sanctions against Iran’s missile industry. Since then, the Iranians have tested multiple missiles in defiance of the sanctions and in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions.

Both Republicans and Democrats are furious. They were sold a bill of goods and now they are forced to just watch while Iran perfects its nuclear weapon delivery systems.

Congress is now preparing new, tougher sanctions against Iran and the Obama administration is out in force to defend the Islamic Republic.

Don’t let Barack Obama protect this terrorist regime!

Obama’s lawlessness is truly striking! Don’t let him get away with this! Force Congress to levy new sanctions against Iran to stop the Islamic Republic from going nuclear!

Every week, we learn even more about this horrible agreement that Obama shoved down our throats.

Iran is test-firing ballistic missiles designed to deliver nuclear payloads. That is their only purpose. You don’t devote millions of dollars to develop the ability to send a missile 2,000 miles to deliver a conventional bomb. These missiles are designed to deliver weapons of mass destruction.

We’ve now learned that international inspectors have no right to inspect these missile facilities. Iran could be attaching a nuclear warhead to one of its missiles right now as you read this and international inspectors are literally powerless to inspect the facility.

That responsibility is left to the Iranians themselves. The Iranian government has the sole authority to self-inspect its military facilities and under the agreement, the International Atomic Energy Agency is explicitly prohibited from publicizing the results of Iran’s self-inspections.

This is a far cry from the “anytime, anywhere” inspections that the Obama administration sold to Congress and the American people.

Congress tried to destroy the nuclear deal and a handful of Democrats filibustered the legislation after being deceived by the White House.

We’ve seen Iran spit on the deal. We’ve seen the White House lie about the deal. We’ve seen Iran develop the delivery method and literally threaten to use that missile to wipe one of our allies off the face of the map.

And we just gave them over $100 BILLION to help them finance this weapons development…

Barack Obama has proven himself to be incapable of handling our international affairs. Congress has a constitutional obligation to inject itself into this to put a stop to Obama’s cowardice!

Don’t let Obama and Kerry pave the way to a nuclear Iran! FaxBlast Congress and demand that they levy new sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran right now!

Obama’s actions prove that he couldn’t care less about whether Iran develops nuclear missile capabilities. He is only interested in building a monument to himself, even if he has to lie to get it.

Congress has the power to put a stop to this right now. They have the power to cut Iran off right now. Luckily, this past weekend’s revelation has lit a fire under Congress. Demand they vote to reinstate sanctions immediately!

You need to demand it! Please, get loud and FORCE Congress to pass new, tough sanctions against the Iranian regime right now!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily