Fellow Conservative,

I hope that your Christmas holiday was nice and refreshing. Unfortunately, while you were breaking bread with friends and loved ones, the Obama administration was in full cover-up mode protecting Hillary Clinton.

On Christmas Eve, of all days, the State Department released its latest batch of Hillary Clinton emails. In this batch were 16 pages of Benghazi emails and, yes, you guessed it, they were heavily redacted and marked Top Secret.

The Obama administration thinks this is a joke. One of the emails they released was completely redacted. Everything was blacked out. At the top of the email was the title “Top Secret.”

If the email is marked Top Secret and too classified for the public to read, then how on earth can they justify not pressing charges against Hillary Clinton?

Make no mistake… Department of Justice employees are working around the clock to build the case against Mrs. Clinton. Unfortunately, the Obama appointees are doing everything in their power to stop those charges from being filed.

Here we have concrete evidence that Hillary Clinton broke the law and stored Classified and Top Secret material on a personal, unsecure device and yet the Obama administration does nothing!

No more talk! Force Congress to appoint a Special Prosecutor to put Hillary away in prison for years!

It’s an open and closed case. State Department employees sent Top Secret information to Hillary Clinton. Rather than safeguarding it as the law requires, she kept it vulnerable to foreign hackers.

If she was anyone else, she’d already be arraigned.

But the Clintons have always believed they have the right to ignore the rules. They believe they are above the law.

They aren’t.

She faces up to 10 years in prison on just the single charge of mishandling Classified information. It would disqualify her from running for President and save the country. We now know that she had over 1000 Classified emails on her hard drive. If each document carries a prison sentence, you do the math...

In the beginning, we tried to be impartial. We tried to support the investigation, however it turned out. But as more and more evidence of her guilt piles up, it is unavoidable.

Congress must appoint a Special Prosecutor immediately to go after Hillary for her crimes!

It is wholly within Congress’ authority. Anytime the DOJ fails to act, Congress has every right to appoint a Special Prosecutor to take the case. Personally, I’d like to see Trey Gowdy take her down.

But the only way any of that happens is if you rise up, demand it, and don’t take no for an answer!

FaxBlast Congress and demand they create a Special Prosecutor to dig into Hillary Clinton’s email crimes!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily