Dear Conservative,

The United States just signed an international agreement promising that illegal immigrants will have the same rights as American citizen and legal immigrant workers!

The “Memorandum of Understanding” was signed by both the United States and Mexico and promises that immigrants in America – regardless of whether they’re legal or illegal – will have the same workplace rights as American workers.

On Wednesday, we informed you that Eric Holder’s Department of Justice had fined a catering/restaurant-management company more than $20k because they asked employees to verify their citizenship and residency statuses.

We received an outpour of comments by email and on our social media pages with readers expressing their disbelief that this story could be true. At first, we were just as skeptical. Federal law does prohibit businesses from employing illegal aliens, but the DOJ is using a little-known aspect of the law to punish companies for doing “more than what’s necessary” to check applicants’ and employees’ immigration status.

It is illegal to hire an illegal alien... But thanks to Eric Holder’s DOJ, it is now illegal for businesses to check whether they are hiring someone in the country illegally… And now, the United States just signed an agreement pledging to punish any business that ‘improperly’ fires an illegal alien!

Tell Congress to STOP Obama from rewriting our immigration laws! The only right an illegal has is the right to be deported!

Just look at the White House’s two major proposals this week: raising the minimum wage and legalizing millions of unskilled illegal alien workers. Do they realize this is a recipe for disaster and do they just not care? Or are they that ignorant?

The President talks about “giving America a raise.” Well, with this agreement that the government just signed, the Obama administration is doing nothing but giving illegal aliens a raise!

This whole concept is just ludicrous! We are talking about illegal immigrants. They don’t have a right to live in this country… they don’t have a right to use taxpayer funded services like schools… They don’t have a right to free healthcare and food stamps… And they sure don’t have a right to take jobs from hard working Americans!

With just a signature, the Obama administration has completely dismantled our immigration laws and given illegal aliens all the rights that Americans have! These people have no right to be here, let alone work here, but now the Obama administration has afforded illegals full rights under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, the Equal Pay Act of 1963, the Age Discrimination Employment Act of 1967, Title 1 of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, and the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act of 2008.

How can illegals have equal pay protections if they aren’t legally allowed to work in the United States? How can the Americans With Disabilities Act apply to non-American illegal immigrants who can’t even legally work here?

This isn’t the President’s end-game… not by a long shot. Don’t believe anything the White House is saying. They have no intention of stopping their plan to hand out amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. If they have given up, why is it that nearly every government department is preparing for millions of illegal aliens to be added to the labor force?

Even though it is expressly illegal to hire illegal aliens, over the course of half a week, the administration has made it impossible to fire an illegal alien without facing fines and criminal charges!

Illegal aliens don’t have workers’ rights… They are statutorily excluded from our workers’ rights laws because… wait for it… they can’t legally work here! The only people who have workers’ rights are those who are legally allowed to work and the only reason for the Obama administration to unconstitutionally change our country’s workers’ rights laws is if they expect amnesty soon!

The only thing that these illegals have a “right” to is a one-way ticket back to wherever they came from!

Tell Congress to STOP Obama from rewriting our immigration laws! The only right an illegal has is the right to be deported!

The Obama administration thinks it has the power to give rights to whomever it wants. One look at the White House website’s definition of the 2nd Amendment proves just how delusional the President is…

The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms.” (emphasis in original)

The Bill of Rights merely codifies pre-existing rights and prohibits the government from infringing on them! Neither the Second Amendment, nor the federal government, has the authority to give Americans their rights. To say that is to suggest that the government has the power to take rights away, which isn’t true!

The Constitution contains negative rights; a list of natural rights that government cannot violate. This is how rights have been defined in this country for centuries. It is only recently that liberals began to promote the concept of positive rights. Positive rights are privileges that the government bestows on the people and, likewise, has the power to take away at any time.

Our rights don’t come from Barack Obama… Our rights don’t come from the United Nations (thank goodness)… Our rights don’t come from anyone except God the Creator!

But over the past century, we have seen liberals transform the discussion of rights from a focus on what government cannot do towards a focus on what the people have permission to do. In Obama’s America, the federal government has no limitations. The only limitation is how fast Barack Obama can invent new rights and powers.

Unfortunately, Obama is doing just that. Illegal aliens now have full rights in this country! Instead of deporting illegals like the law requires, the Obama administration is courting them as if they were voters… If we don’t stop Obama now, mark my words… full citizenship and voting rights will be next!

Tell Congress to STOP Obama from rewriting our immigration laws! The only right an illegal has is the right to be deported!

Hear that? That’s the sound of a revolution brewing…

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily