Fellow Conservative,

The Federal government just released its new projections. They expect 127,000 illegal aliens to enter the United States this year. If President Obama had his way, they would all be allowed to stay, no questions asked.

In the coming weeks, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear the Obama administration’s appeal of Judge Andrew Hanen’s ruling. In the meantime, the President is doing everything he can to stop federal enforcement of immigration laws.

When Barack Obama first took office, he promised to crack down on businesses that hire illegal aliens. In reality, he has done exactly the opposite. Today, there are fewer workplace inspections, audits, or fines being doled out to businesses using illegal alien labor.

In 2014, ICE performed 1,320 workplace audits. That’s fewer audits than at any point in the Obama presidency. There have been fewer arrests than at any other point in the Obama presidency. Not only that, but this year alone we are on track for a 40% reduction in fines given to businesses hiring illegals.

All while the number of illegal aliens entering the country is at a record high.

This isn’t discretion. This is the Obama administration holding back on enforcing our immigration laws.

Don’t let Obama get away with ‘selectively enforcing’ immigration law. Demand that Congress force the President to faithfully execute all laws.

In 2012, ICE raided Broetje Orchards, one of the largest commercial apple growers in the country. The auditors found that the company was employing 1,700 illegal workers (half the company’s workforce). The company was ordered to fire the illegal workers and start using E-Verify and the Social Security Number Verification Service.

Last year, ICE came back and found that 950 illegal aliens were still employed and that the company had completely defied the government’s orders.

Now, I know what you’re saying. Americans and legal immigrants don’t want these jobs, so what does it matter?

But that’s the thing. It’s not just agricultural and construction jobs anymore. Today, 1 out of ever 8 illegal aliens holds a white-collar job and that percentage is increasing rapidly.

Since Obama took office, more than 180,000 illegal aliens have taken white-collar jobs away from hard working Americans. There are almost 93 million Americans sitting on the sidelines and not participating in the workforce. And Obama goes out of his way to make it easier for illegal aliens to replace American workers? Unacceptable.

Now, as much as I blame Pres. Obama, I also blame Congress. The Republicans promised to make jobs a top priority but since taking control of the Senate this year, they haven’t pushed through a single jobs program. Not one.

Not only has the President signed off on this theft, but he has worked nonstop to make it easier for foreigners to take jobs from Americans.

I love this country. But there is a big difference between opening our doors to legal immigrants and encouraging illegals and foreign workers to just steal American jobs.

This has to stop.

The President is deliberately ignoring the law and Congress hasn’t done a thing about it.

Are you going to leave this to the courts? Do you really trust the Supreme Court to hold Obama accountable? The courts have stopped Obama from giving illegal aliens work permits so instead, he simply isn't enforcing the law that prohibits illegal aliens from working.

No, it is up to you to raise all hell and demand that this President’s lawlessness be stopped.

Don’t let Obama hand this country over to illegal aliens. Demand that Congress force the President to uphold the law!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily