Fellow Conservative,

We all knew the day would come when Iran was caught red handed violating its nuclear agreement. We never could have imagined that would happen before the agreement was finalized.

For the last 18 months, the Obama administration has sat across the table from Iranian representatives to discuss terms of an agreement to stop Iran’s nuclear ambition.

In those 18 months, it was just revealed that Iran has been stockpiling nuclear material – something they are NOT allowed to do!

Instead of recognizing that this is a clear breach of trust, the Obama administration is actually moving to defend the Iranians. Even though it is an obvious breach, the Obama administration is willing to move forward with the Iran deal anyway.

This is why we have been demanding that Congress intervene and put a stop to this. While John Kerry has been “negotiating” with Tehran to end its nuclear programs, they have been working around the clock to stockpile as much weapons-grade material as possible.

This is unacceptable! Tell Congress to STOP this administration from moving forward and blindly trusting the Iranians!

This is how stupid the Obama administration is.

For the past 18 months, Iran has grown its stockpile of nuclear material by 20%. The Obama admninstration, even with this data, claims that Iran's program has been frozen. Under the current working agreement, Iran has until June 30 to make a good faith effort to reduce its stockpile.

When coonfronted with this revelation, administratrion spokespeople were stunned. They had no idea what to say.

Marie Harf, State Department Spokesperson and Propaganda Minister, came out yesterday and said that Iran would meet all of its obligations. Even though the Iranians are doing exactly the opposite!

In the last 18 months, with the world watching, Iran has come closer than ever before to building a bomb.

This is Obama’s legacy. Every day that Obama is allowed to negotiate is another day that the Iranians are stockpiling nuclear material. They aren’t doing this because they plan to throw it out. They’re doing this because they plan to build a bomb.

And Iran has promised that no matter what the nuclear agreement says, inspectors will never be allowed into military facilities.

Obama is a joke. He is the laughing stock of the world. This past Monday, he told a town hall event that he made the United Stated “the most respected country on earth.”

Are we talking about the same earth?

On every front, our enemies and so-called allies are walking all over us. But nothing compares to the idiocy of moving forward with an Iran nuclear deal now that the Iranians’ stockpiling efforts have been discovered!

Obama has gone rogue! Don’t let him surrender to Iran’s nuclear ambitions! Demand that Congress intervene now!

Unfortunately for us, Barack Obama isn’t interested in working in the country’s best interest. He isn’t interested in protecting our allies.

He is only interested in building a monument to himself. That is what makes him so dangerous. In the face of such overwhelming evidence that Iran has no desire to abide by the agreement, Obama is moving forward with the deal anyway.

Congress passed the Iran Nuclear Review Act but it didn’t go far enough! Obama can still veto a Congressional resolution. They must do more!

There’s nothing more dangerous than a selfish President. Click to STOP Obama’s arrogance from endangering the United States.


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily